SCADA – The Backbone of an Industrial Process

Now, we are living in an age of rapid technological advances and so is with SCADA systems. SCADA, an acronym of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is a high-degree supervisory control system. Nevertheless, this system is used in all small, medium and large-scale businesses.


The system is a combination of computers, the graphical user interface, the networked data communications and some other peripheral devices. Roughly, these systems use both hardware and software components. They are extremely useful for controlling, monitoring and analyzing the whole industrial process of an organization. These systems have become an integral part of almost every large industrial process across the globe. Some examples include Manufacturing, Power, Oil and gas, Food and beverage, Water and wastewater treatment, and many more.

SCADA systems enable firms to gather, monitor and process real-time data, record events, supervise industrial processes both locally and remotely. These are capable of interacting directly even with remotely installed devices like motors, pumps, sensors, valves, etc. via the HMI (human-machine interface). SCADA systems have now become pivotal to the industrial success. Because they grandly help an industrial firm in maintaining high-level efficiency, processing real-time data for quick informed decisions and communicating a system issue on time to avoid any possible downtime. For example, in case, any issue arises with any of the components in the process, this system can quickly notify the operator with an alarm. And then the operator can pause the operation and determine the issue by viewing the SCADA system data through the HMI. The operator can further fix the error easily and prevent other possible losses. Overall, it saves on huge costs of operations.


SCADA systems execute a number of functionalities. Though, their most basic functionalities include monitoring, control as well as user interface functions. The monitoring function is all about gathering data and forwarding it to the central computer system. The control function has to collect data from monitoring sensors, process that data and finally send required signals back to the equipment as per the configured software program. The user interface is like a control room from where operators can easily monitor all SCADA input and output responses on a real-time basis.

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All about our SCADA Services

We deliver the complete value of the SCADA systems. No matter what kind of business you deal with, we offer the customized solutions to your company’s specific requirements. We also comply with all local legislation and standards. Our exceptionally skilled engineers can design, develop, install and employ SCADA hardware and software customized to your required specifications. Moreover, we also help you scale up your business by offering full technical support, maintenance and asset surveillance. We help our renewable clients substantially reduce the all-level costs. “Client’s success is our success” that’s our motto.

For your better understanding, here is a list of services our efficient SCADA systems can deliver:


  1. Smart Alarming: Doesn’t matter where you are, it keeps you aware of when and what is happening at your facility.
  2. Smart and up-to-date reporting: It’s able to generate a wide range of dynamic reports and send them anywhere as per your requirement.
  3. Store-And-Forward Facility: You can store all historical data and have no fear of losing it. You can also forward that data to another location per your need.
  4. Accessible on Mobile Phones: You can access and control the whole system through a smartphone or a tablet.
  5. Easy Management of Transactions: One can log data and synchronize it in a bi-directional way.
  6. All Industry History: You can turn your SQL database into a time-series tag history.
  7. Abundance of Symbols and Graphics: One can choose from thousands of easy-to-customize graphics that suite your projects.
  8. Sequential Function Charts: You can organize and sequence your creations and visualizations of the hefty system logic.
  9. Easy-to-install and Update: You can install it on your server in a couple of minutes or push instant updates to any clients at your ease.
  10. Works on All Operating Systems: This works for you on any platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.
  11. Secure: It’s a hundred percent safe and secure from any outside attack and damage.
  12. No Limit to Clients: You can deliver data to a number of clients with no extra cost.

We have tried our best to simplify SCADA, its functionalities and the services it can offer to you. If you need any further information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will discuss with you to provide the right solutions.

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