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The words Automation company and System integrator are used interchangeably. We are an Automation company in Dubai, UAE carrying out design, installation and commissioning of Automation projects.

The system Integrator Company of a manufacturer means that the particular company is capable of undertaking projects of this manufacturer. As such we are system integrators of Beckhoff, Wago and GFR. These companies manufacture a wide range of automation components.

Automation company in Dubai, UAE

Vacker is a leading automation company in UAE undertaking automation projects. Our clientele includes cement industries, testing laboratories, food processing plant, airlines, pharmaceutical companies etc. We use components from Beckhoff Germany, GFR Germany, SIEMENS, ABB etc. for our projects.

A typical automation project involves a central processor for processing signals. Also, various input and output devices and controllers are required. Based on various inputs, the outputs are controlled and values are displayed as per the programming. The inputs and outputs can run into thousands of values.

automation company in Dubai Vacker Global

The processor analyzes various input values in microseconds and takes decisions accordingly. For interacting with the process, Human Machine Interfaces are used which are short named as HMI. These are devices with a display screen. These are touch screens and commands can be given through this touch screen. We can configure the display using the software. So based on the project, we will have a custom made display on the screen. The display will show the current values of various parameters.

An Automation company designs a complete system based on the required process. The client will basically provide the sequence of operations and various checkpoints. Based on this, the automation company has to design the entire system and implement accordingly. This involves complete hardware and software solutions.

The various controllers are mounted inside control panels. All wiring from various input and output devices will be routed to this panel. These devices will be various sensors and analog or digital devices. An HMI will be mounted at a place suitable for operators for viewing and controlling.  The Automation company’s capability depends on the complete design of these hardware and software systems and integrating these into a single package.

A PLC will be the core processing component. Depending on the size of the project, there will be numerous PLC devices. Please see our separate for our automation solutions using PLC Automation.

Also, we are specialized in door automation systems for Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. This involves interlocking different doors so that the opening is controlled. In order to control air circulation, an interlocking system has to be provided between the doors. When a particular door is opened, another door should be locked. Alternatively, a siren or local beeper should make an alert if such an event happens. This is done by installing sensors on all doors and controlling through a PLC.  All these sensors will communicate with a central PLC. If one door is opened, this PLC will prevent opening of all other doors. We have provided this solution for shutter doors of cold rooms, warehouses etc. of pharmaceutical companies. We are the only automation company in Dubai who has developed this system in an economical manner for incorporating into existing shutter doors.

System Integrator in Dubai, UAE

We are a top system integrator in Dubai (UAE) for reputed Automation manufacturers. A system integrator is technical same as an automation company. However, a system integrator company will be representing certain manufacturers of automation components.

system integration in Dubai Vacker Global

Eg. A System integrator of Beckhoff will mainly develop solutions incorporating components of Beckhoff.

Technically it is possible to combine components of different manufacturers to achieve a solution. Most of the manufacturers have their own wide range of I/O devices, controllers, HMI etc. In rare cases, communication interface gateways of different manufacturers have to be used. This is to integrate different types of protocols.

As a system integrator, we are capable of developing our own software for display and interface. The display can be on a separate display screen such as LCD, computer screen etc. A typical project involves the complete design of the sequence of operations, selection of required components, wiring of the same and incorporating software.

Please see our various solutions using VFD for VFD Automation.

If you are looking for an automation company or system integrator please contact us for your industrial and commercial requirements.

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