Brain Child Data Logger


Data logger has major three parts internal memory, sensor and an electronic chip. It has function of record data based on provided parameters. It records data in regular interval. Also, this is useful for future analysis on data. Data may be temperature, humidity, pressure, light, vibration etc.
Sensors are for understanding the data. It senses data and internal memory will save data in programmed regular interval.

plc-data-logger-brainchild-vackerglobalWhat is PLC Data Logger?

PLC stands for programmable logic controller(PLC). As mentioned above, Data logger records different types of data. Here, data logger which is programmed on logic is PLC data logger.

What is BrainChild Data logger?

The brainChild data logger is a PLC data logger. It is named after the company name BrainChild. This data logger has promising features which help customer to meet their requirements. Vacker Global is supplying BrainChild Data loggers all over the GCC region and the African region.

Features of BrainChild PLC Data Loggerpaperless-chart-recorder

  1. It has an extendable no. of channels up to 42.
  2. It is PLC Data Logger which you can program as per your needs.
  3. Data loggers can connect every type of thermocouple and RTD.
  4. It has the fastest sampling Rate which is 100msec/dot. It has a default setting at 1sec/dot.
  5. It has 3 sizes of TFT touchscreen. – 4.3”, 5.6” and 12.1”.
  6. The data logger has ARM Cortex-A8 – 1 GHz.
  7. It has a flash memory of 256 MB.
  8. It includes a Random Access Memory.brain-child-data-logger-plug-and-play-module
  9. Ethernet connection type is Modbus TCP/IP.
  10. There is an SD card slot for additional memory.
  11. There are 2 USB ports.
  12. Calibration is possible On-Site.
  13. The device can be operated in different languages (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese etc.)
  14. The power supply of – 90-250 Vac or 11-36 Vdc.
  15. IP 65 and IP 20 protection are also available.
  16. The operating temperature is from 0°C to 50°C.
  17. Storage condition is from -30°C to 70°C.
  18. Real-time monitoring is also available. It is optional.

If you are in search of a PLC data logger. We are happy to give an introduction and support for it. Vacker Global is one of the leading data logger suppliers in the UAE and other GCC countries.

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In the Middle East, we supply Brainchild data loggers in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa etc.

Also, we supply Brainchild data loggers to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.