Dehumidifier Reviews & Comparison

In this article, we explain the top 10 dehumidifiers, dehumidifier reviews and their prices. Trotec, Germany is one of the top 10 dehumidifier suppliers in the word. They have over 50 different models.

Top 10 dehumidifiers and dehumidifier reviews & comparison

We are explaining a few of the top models in each segment. This is by no means a guideline for your selection process. We are only explaining our top 10 dehumidifiers around the world. Depending on your country and requirements, we will suggest the best models for you.

1. For home and office

Model TTK 40E : This is one of our most popular models in the Middle East. This is a very silent portable dehumidifier model suitable even for a baby room. The sound is less than a table fan. It is a sleek design and fits in small corners of a room. This model has a capacity of 14 liter per day.

Home Humidifier review vacker global

2. For commercial applications

TTK 122E is the biggest model in the comfort series of models. Comfort series is for homes and big offices. TTK 122E comes in elegant blue colour. This has a bigger water collection tray. Auto drainage is possible in all condensation models. This model has a capacity of 40 litres per day.

Commercial Dehumidifier review vacker global

3. For warehouses

TTK 650S is one of the medium range of heavy-duty models. These are suitable for medium-sized warehouses. It is an economical model with a maximum capacity of 150 litres per day. Water has to be directly drained out. Optionally a pump can also be connected

warehouse-dehumidifier review vacker global

4. For cold rooms and walk-in freezers

For cold atmospheres, desiccant models are required. Model TTR 400D is a dual outlet model, which is most suitable. The model is very small in size. The hygrostat can be externally connected up to 3 meters away. The wet air has to be directed out of the room. This model works up to a temperature of -20°C. It has a maximum capacity of 38.4 kg/day which is equal to 38.4 liter per day.

Cold Room Dehumidifier Review Vacker Global

5. For Basement applications

TTK 170S is rugged type suitable for basements having high humidity conditions. Maximum dehumidification performance is 50 litre per day. It has a hygrostat to adjust the desired humidity. Water can be either collected in a tray or can be pumped out.

basement dehumidifier review vacker global

6. For chocolate factories

DH 30 type condensation model is suitable for wall mounting. For areas such as chocolate and dates factories, space will be a constraint. The water has to be drained out by connecting the hose to drainage. Maximum dehumidification performance of this model is 45 litre per day

Chocolate factory dehumidifier Vacker Global

7. Whole house dehumidifier

DH 95S model can be connected to the HVAC duct. Maximum dehumidification performance is 130 litres per day. The required humidity can be adjusted through a hygrostat. External signals can be connected from an automation system as well.

wholehouse dehumidifier review vacker global

8. For Swimming pools

DS51 is a wall-mounted model only for swimming pools. This is having high dehumidification capacity of 84 liter per day. Electrical heating of air also is possible in this model.

swimming pool dehumidifier review va

9. Marine applications

TTK 800 will be suitable for highly demanding marine applications. This is capable of working 24 hours continuously. This is having high dehumidification capacity of 150 liter per day

marine dehumidifier review vacker global

10. For museum and vintage cars

DH 30VPR model is a sleek and stylish dehumidifier. You can change the front plate colour to suit your aesthetics. This is wall-mounted and very sleek model.

museum dehumidifier review vacker global

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For operational principle and method of usage, all the above top 10 dehumidifiers are interchangeable. The usage mainly depends on the type of application, size of the machine, installation arrangement etc. If you would like to know the top 10 dehumidifier models in each segment, please contact us for a detailed comparison. You may check this document (pdf) comparison of top 10 dehumidifiers for home and office. Dehumidifier review and videos are available for most of these models on our Youtube channel.

Dehumidifier price comparison

The dehumidifier prices are based on the capacity of the model. While deciding a model, dehumidifier price should not be the first criteria. Firstly, you have to calculate the required capacity. Thereafter you can check prices for models in this range.

Price of desiccant and condensation type are not directly comparable. This is because the technology is different in both cases.

Dehumidifier price for condensation type can be approximately calculated from capacity. You can assume price as AED 120.00 to 170.00 per litre of dehumidification. Eg. For a model of 10 liter per day, the dehumidifier price will be in the range of AED 1,200 to AED 1,700.00. Another model of 20 liter per day will have a price of AED 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 approximately.

This is just for a guideline for home models. For industrial types, please contact us for the prices. For heaver machines, shipping cost also is a pricing factor. Hence it may not be possible to provide guidelines on dehumidifier prices for industrial range.

After calculating the required capacity, you can decide suitable models based on dehumidifier reviews and prices.

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In the Middle East, we supply dehumidifiers in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
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Also, we supply dehumidifiers to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives, and Cyprus.