Methane Leak detector

Methane detector and methane transmitter are useful for applications in the underground parking, boiler houses, industrial kitchens, storage areas, chemical storage areas and other confined spaces.

Most of our devices have Auxiliary relay outputs for generating alarms, phone call alert systems, exhaust fan, connection to BMS etc.

Methane detector and transmitter model VAC-E2608-CH4

Major features of this model of Methane detector are as follows:

  1. VAC-E2608-CH4 is a long-lasting metal-oxide gas sensor.Methane-Measuring-Leak-Detection-Transmitter-VAC-E2608-CH4
  2. Range of measurement for this methane detector is 0-100% LEL (0-5% vol) CH4.
  3. Resolution of measurement for VAC-E2608-CH4 is 0.1% LEL (50 ppm) CH4.
  4. 20 or 50% LEL is the default alarm set-points.
  5. It has 2 analogue outputs settable to 4-20 mA or 0-10 V with RS485 Modbus RTU digital interface.

Specifications of Methane detector and transmitter model VAC-E2608-CH4:

  1. VAC-E2608-CH4 calibration is Methane CH4.
  2. Sensor type used is metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) or catalytic bead on demand.
  3. The VAC-E2608-CH4 sampling method is diffusion.
  4. Typical detection range for the MOS and catalytic sensor is 0-100% LEL.
  5. Resolution for MOS sensor is 0.1% LEL while for catalytic is 1% LEL.
  6. Response time T90 for MOS is ca. 60 s while for catalytic is 8 s.
  7. MOS sensor lifetime of this Methane detector & transmitter is more than 5 years while catalytic is more than 2 years.
  8. Calibration interval for MOS is 12 months while catalytic is 3-6 months.
  9. MOS sensor operating conditions is -30 to + 70 degrees Celsius while the catalytic sensor is -20 to +60 degree Celsius at less than 95% RH, atmospheric pressure ±10%; standard ambient oxygen level non-ATEX-rated spaces. Must avoid extreme mechanical shock, vibration and EMI; avoid exposure to corrosive gases and products containing silicone.
  10. The signal update for this Methane detector & transmitter is every 1 second.
  11. Self-diagnostics with full functionality check at start-up.
  12. Based on the unpowered period and atmosphere, the warm-up time is less than 3 minutes.
  13. The power supply of this Methane detector & transmitter is 11-30 VDC, 24 VAC or 90-265 VAC.
  14. The power consumption is less than 2 VA.
  15. VAC-E2608-CH4 has RS485 Modbus RTU digital interface.
  16. It has 2 analogue outputs settable at 4-20 mA or 0-10 V.
  17. It has 2 output SPST relays (closing contact) with 250 VAC or 30 VDC at 5 A max current.
  18. The warning set-points of this Methane detector & transmitter VAC-E2608-CH4 at Low are set at 20% LEL, release 16% LEL.
  19. The warning set-points of VAC-E2608-CH4 at High are set at 50% LEL, release 40% LEL.
  20. It has a light grey, wall-mounted ABS plastic enclosure and an IP65 safety rating.
  21. The dimensions of VAC-E2608-CH4 is H85 × W82 × D55 millimetres.
  22. It has an IP65 secured remote sensor probe, shielded cable. The cable’s default length is 3.0 meters.
  23. This Methane detector & transmitter can be operated at industrial indoor and outdoor locations.

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