Vacker distributes Flow measurement Instruments by Badgermeter

Vacker signs up an agreement with Badgermeter, Germany for distributing their flow measurement products in the United Arab Emirates. Vacker now becomes the official distributor of Badgermeter in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah etc. in UAE. Badgermeter has bFlow-measurement-solutions-Badgermetereen well established in the Middle East region in the past few decades. They are manufacturers of a wide range of quality products mainly for the measurement of numerous parameters in all kind of industries. Vacker has been a strong presence in various measurement and control segments. The association with Badgermeter increases the number of solutions that Vacker can provide to our customers.Ultrasonic Flow Meter by Badgermeter - VackerGlobal

Products & Solutions by Vacker

Vacker has been involved mainly in the following segments:

  1. Design, Supply and installation of Building Automation solutions.
  2. Design, Supply and installation of Industrial Automation.
  3. Humidity control using Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers.
  4. Temperature and humidity control for indoor farming.
  5. Economic walk-in cold rooms for commercial applications.
  6. Equipment for Air Quality improvement and measuring instruments.
  7. Continuous monitoring systems for Temperature, Humidity, Water Leak, Pressure, Air Quality etc.
  8. Various sensors, measuring instruments and control devices.

Products by Badgermeter, GermanyDirect Insertion Flow Meter by Badgermeter-VackrGlobal

Badgermeter has products under the following categories.

Flow measurement products by Industries and Applications

  1. Automotive Fluid Dispensing for engine oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid etc.
  2. Aviation & Aerospace segment for fuel, hydraulics, actuators etc. in aircraft.
  3. Building Automation & HVAC for chilled water, hot water, district cooling equipment etc.
  4. Concrete Production to monitor the water, chemicals etc. during the production process.
  5. Facility management, Property Management and building management segment for monitoring every liquid movement including those in residential buildings, commercial kitchens etc.
  6. All kind of indoor and outdoor Irrigation purposes for managing and conserving water.
  7. Oil & Gas segment for monitoring all types of oil and gas in all areas of production and distribution.
  8. Petrochemical, Refining & Chemical Metering fo measurement and monitoring of all types of chemicals during production and distribution.
  9. All kinds of Process or Industrial requirements.
  10. Test Equipment & Services
  11. Water & Wastewater Treatment plants to measure water and sludge monitoring across any segments.
  12. Water Distribution for monitoring and metering purposes.
 Flow measurement products by Brands
  1. AquaCUE
  2. Automotive Oval Gear
  3. Eelctromagnetic Flow Meter by Badgermeter - VackerGlobalBlancett
  4. Coriolis
  5. Cox
  6. Dynasonics
  7. Flo-tech
  8. Flow Dynamics
  9. Hedland
  10. High-Resolution Encoders
  11. Impeller/Data Industrial
  12. Industrial Oval Gear (IOG)
  13. Industrial Turbo
  14. Miscellaneous
  15. ModMAG M-Series
  16. OP Meters
  17. Preso
  18. Recordall
  19. Research Control Valve (RCV)
  20. Vision
  21. Vortex
Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Badgermeter - VackerGlobalProduct by Technologies
  1. Advanced Metering Analytics
  2. Automated Meter Reading
  3. Automotive Flow Meters
  4. Calibrators | Calibration Services
  5. Cellular/Fixed Network Solutions
  6. Concrete
  7. Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
  8. Differential Pressure Flow Meters
  9. Electromagnetic Flow Meters
  10. Encoders
  11. Flow Computers & Monitors
  12. Hydraulic Diagnostic Products
  13. Hot Tap Insertion Flow Meter by Badgermeter - VackerGlobalImpeller / Data Industrial
  14. Industrial Gear Flow Meters
  15. Nutating Disc Meters
  16. Open Channel
  17. Oscillating Piston Meters
  18. Registers/Transmitters
  19. Turbine Flow Meters
  20. Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  21. Valves
  22. Variable Area Flow Meters
  23. Vortex
  24. Water Utility Metering

Request Quote from Vacker Global

Please contact our Dubai office for your requirements on all types of Flow measurement. Vacker is the Badgermeter dealer in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah and other emirates of UAE.

Vacker Middle East operates in all Middle East countries including KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan. Vacker Africa operates in all African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Djibouti etc.

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  1. We are leading manufacturing of instrumentation products in India. Our core products is thermocouple, rtd,thermowell and electromagnetic flow meter, need to be in touch with your procurement department please give us information and contact details.

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