Infrared food service thermometer

Food service thermometers are commonly used to measure temperature of food items through various stages of food processing including cooking.

Food Thermometer with Probe VackerGlobal

Food Thermometer with Probe

The temperature has to be measured by non-contact methods and by insertion method. The non-contact method is using Infrared rays (infrared food thermometer) and the insertion method is by inserting a probe into the food (insertion probe thermometer).

Thermometer consisting of two modes of measurement viz. contact and non-contact methods of measurements are used for such purposes. The Infrared food thermometer model BP5F by Trotec, Germany is one such ideal device.

Features of food service thermometer with probe, model BP5F:

  • Infrared food thermometer and insertion food thermometer are combined in a single device
  • Washable body construction
  • IP65 ingress protection category
  • Built in LED indicator to check with HACCP requirements
  • Easily foldable insertion probe
  • Lockable insertion probe
  • Insertion temperature measurement from -40°C to 200°C
  • Infrared measurement upto 280°C

Technical details of Infrared food service thermometer with probe BP5F

Food Thermometer Model BP5F VackerGlobal

IR Food thermometer with Probe

  • Optical resolution 20:1
  • Temperature sensor infrared [°C]
  • Min. measuring range -40°C / -40°F
  • Max. measuring range 280°C / 536°F
  • Accuracy levels
  • Accuracy for measurements below -4 °C: ± 2°C
  • Accuracy for measurements between -4 °C to 65 °C : ± 1 °C
  • Accuracy for measurements above 65 °C : ± 1.5 °C
  • Surrounding conditions
  • Operation – min. temperature [°C] : 0
  • Operation – max. temperature [°C] : 50
  • Operation – min. relative humidity [%] : 0
  • Operation – max. relative humidity (non-condensing) [%] : 80
  • Type of display :
  • Ingress protection : IP 65
  • Reaction time : < 500 ms
  • Internal (battery) : 9 V-rectangular battery
  • Weight (packing excluded)
  • Weight [kg]: 0.180
  • Dimensions (packing excluded)
  • Length [mm]: 185
  • Width [mm]: 50
  • Height [mm]:67

Other terminologies used for a food service thermometer

  • Infrared food thermometer – This thermometer uses infrared technology and is used for measuring temperature of food. Hence it is known as Infrared food thermometer
  • Digital meat thermometer – This is a digital thermometer and its probe is used to measure the temperature of probe. Hence is known as digital meat thermometer, digital meat probe thermometer, digital meat insertion thermometer etc.
  • Kitchen thermometer – Understandably this is used in kitchen and in layman’s language can be called kitchen thermometer
  • Digital cooking thermometer – This is a digital meter and can measure temperature during the cooking process and hence is known as digital cooking thermometer
  • Digital thermometer with probe – This is a digital meter and also has a probe and hence is known as digital thermometer with probe
  • Digital food thermometer – This is a digital thermometer used for measuring temperature of raw and cooked food and hence is known as digital food thermometer
  • Meat thermometer – Simply because it is used to measure temperature of meat.
  • Food temperature probe – It has as probe and an a infrared thermometer and hence is known as food temperature probe
  • Digital probe thermometer – It is digital meter and has a probe. Hence it is known as digital probe thermometer
  • Food thermometer with open probe VackerGlobal

    Food thermometer with open probe

  • Infrared cooking thermometer – This is an infrared meter and used to measure temperature during cooking. Hence is known as infrared cooking thermometer
  • Infrared meat thermometer – This is infrared meter which can measure temperature of meat without insertion and hence is known as infrared meat thermometer
  • Laser food thermometer – It has a laser beam for directing the infrared rays. Hence generally all IR thermometers are also known as laser thermometers. In case of IR food thermometer, hence the same are also known as laser food thermometer
  • Laser meat thermometer – as described above, since it has a laser and is used to measure temperature of meat these are also known as laser meat thermometer
  • Food probe thermometer – it has a probe to measure temperature of food by inserting the probe into the food. Hence same is known as food probe thermometer.
  • HACCP thermometer – HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the standard for food industry and specifies various temperature levels for various stages of processing. The meter is used to check and record such temperature at various stages and hence are also known as HACCP thermometer
  • Contact free food thermometer – The Infrared food thermometer can measure temperature from a distance without touching the food and hence are known as contact free food thermometer
  • Non-contact food thermometer – For the same reason as explained above, these are also known as non contact food thermometer

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