Hydrocarbon leak detection

Why is Hydrocarbon Leak Detection a must?

Safety has become the foremost concern of the companies involved in the handling of oil and gas and other fuel products like hydrocarbon, etc. Even a small mistake or ignorance may prove to be the biggest catastrophe. And that may not be limited to the assets only; it may extend to the lives of the people and the surrounding environment as well. The binding legal frameworks are also becoming more stringent day-by-day.

No one will forget the major catastrophe happened in the form of a massive fuel explosion at Buncefield Oil Storage Depot at Hertfordshire, England while filling with gasoline on 10 December 2005. The tragedy took place due to the failure of the fuel level control systems. The explosion as recorded 2.4 on the Richter scale caused a dual loss due to the company. On the one hand, it caused an inestimable loss to the company’s assets, and on the other, the company was charged a huge fine of $5 million by St Albans Crown Court for the carelessness in the handling of the fuel products which resulted in the great damage to the surrounding people and atmosphere.

In view of all this, you cannot afford even a minor miss and you have to be extra careful in such businesses. And here come Vacker’s hydrocarbon and other leak detection systems in the picture. Our systems are smart enough and designed in the way which would help you at every step of your need.

The whole range and features of our Hydrocarbon Leak Detectors

Vacker’s systems for hydrocarbon leakage detection have been of services to the numerous clients and operators where they help them detect all type leakages and spillage, locate the source of spillage, and initiates required remedial actions before an event becomes a headline of a newspaper or a news channel. The key to the successful monitoring is detecting a leakage quickly and accurately. Finding the exact point or source of the leak is also a must. Our sensor cables and other detectors will allow you do that as they offer you ample of supportive services:

  1. Most accurate and dependable detection cables and system. They can easily find and locate the exact point of leakages and create alarms so that you would be able to take all corrective measures long before the spill can turn into a hazard.
  2. Able to catch even small leaks at its onset before your SCADA systems can warn you against the same. Able to shut off the pumps and valves automatically where needed. Digital communication features are included: SMS, email, web, remote SCADA functionalities, local and remote alarms, and other diagnostic features.
  3. Customizable: You can get the systems configured from simplest to complex per you current need that may be expanded in future if need be. No matter what substances you deal in-diesel, crude oil, gasoline, jet fuel, biofuel, Vacker, renders detection systems customized to individual needs. Our hydrocarbon sensing cables lie under and around possible leak sources. They will tell you when and where the issue arises.
  4. Vacker’s fast and secure fuel probes give immediate signals as and when they sense the appearance of hydrocarbons so that your operators can be able to deal with the problem instantaneously.

Applications of Hydrocarbon Leak Detection in high consequence areas

Systems can be successfully deployed at sensitive locations, for instance, Pipelines, oil storages and other tanks farms, airports, technical rooms, refineries, military airfields, refuelling ports and bunker areas, transfer lines and batch lines where SCADA systems become less effective or expensive.

Cables can be installed underneath a tank floor plate or around the circumference of an above ground tank. Cables are constant watchdogs for detecting leakages in corroded baseplates. They overlook the water. If installed on a containment barrier, they can detect hydrocarbon or any other fuel floating on water just overlooking the water. Cables are easy-to-install.


Vacker has been the number one supplier for years providing world-class products and services for leak detection purposes. Whenever you entrust your hydrocarbon management requirements to Vacker, you’re assured of everything from secure advanced systems to quick response service teams. We’ve remained the right choice every time our clients needed us. We’re consistent in providing all types of fuelling solutions. A large number of clients around the world count on us to safeguard their loss of assets, rest, peace and the environment. We just ruin the leakages before they ruin your happiness and reputation. Hence, you can contact us to avail our services.

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