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Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Badgermeter - VackerGlobal

This is a portable flow meter mainly for troubleshooting, taking instant readings etc. You can directly clamp on to the pipes and hence is extremely easy to use.

  1. This portable flow meter has an USB port for transferring the data.
  2. This handheld water meter is a hybrid instrument with measurement using different technologies viz. Doppler, transit time and liquid thermal flow
  3. It can operate both on the battery as well as an auxiliary power.
  4. Size of the pipe is 1/2inch to 120 inch.
  5. This water meter has a touch screen interface for easy use
  6. Temperature Range of measurement is from -40 to 350°F or -40 to 176°C.
  7. Ultrasound water flow measurement work by measuring the time taken by the ultrasound to travel between two points.
  8. This water meter can measure flow within a range from 1 to 40 ft/sec.
  9. Accuracy of reading is ±1%.
  10. This meter has a flow sensitivity of 0.001 FPS (0.0003 MPS).
  11. The accuracy of temperature measurement is 0.5°F or 1°C (Absolute).
  12. The internal battery is 11.1V lithium ion battery. The battery will last for 6 to 9 hr of continuous operation.You can put in continuous operation using auxiliary power supply.
  13. Please see the main article Vacker distributes Flow measurement Instruments by Badgermeter.

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One comment on “Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Badgermeter – VackerGlobal
  1. Abdulsaleem says:

    Good Day,
    This is saleem from Aries Marine Eng,uae.we are using badger DXN ultrasonic flow meter for the last four years,our sensor is DTTR ,if we are using it on carbon steel higher than 12 inch the reading is fluctuating but in the manual it showing >12 inch,so please suggest your opinion and which sensor we can use for 80 inch carbon steel pipe.

    Aries Marine

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