Temperature and humidity monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring is critical for many sensitive industrial segments. These include pharmaceuticals, life care, food processing, dairy, fruits & vegetables, logistics etc.
WiFi temperature monitoring systemWiFi temperature humidity monitoring

Finding the Latest In WiFi Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

As an example, we need to store medicines and vaccines under controlled temperatures. There are certain medicines which have to be stored between 2°C and 8°C. There are many other medicines which require storage between 15°C and 25°C. Many times they have to be stored below a humidity level of 65%. Similar cases are applicable for blood, plasma, vaccines, tissues, food, fruits, vegetables etc.

temperature-and-humidity-monitoring-infographWe require continuous monitoring to ensure that the required temperature and humidity is maintained. WiFi temperature monitoring & humidity monitoring is one of the most useful monitoring systems for pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences, food industry, cold chain management etc.

Advantages of WiFi Temperature Monitoring System

Until a few years ago we were connecting all such systems through a local data point (data port). This data port goes through a centralized LAN and server. Nowadays installing a WiFI network is cheaper than a wired LAN. Hence more and more devices are being connected through WiFi network. For connecting 10 devices through a wired LAN, we will need 10 data ports. However, for connecting 10 devices through WiFI, we will need only one data port. This data port will be connected to a WiFi router. All the 10 devices will communicate with this WiFi router.
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Phone call, Email,SMS alert with Temperature & Humidity monitoring 

All of our systems are capable of connecting to different alert systems. They can generate phone calls up to 10 operators. Simultaneously then can send text alerts through SMS. Also, the system will send Email alerts with exact temperature readings of the alert. In addition to these if you want a siren or audible alarm, we can even provide that. This is especially useful for a local operator or a security staff.  Different types of phone call alerts systems are possible. The first one is through a cloud based internet calling system. The second one is GSM based phone call alert. This is a device with a local SIM card and makes a call exactly similar to a mobile phone. This is more reliable since we do nto have to worry about internet connectivity.

Most WiFi temperature & humidity monitoring systems are built so that they can be portable and moved where ever you need. Most of such devices are capable of two-way communication between a local network and internet.

The major advantages of a WiFi-based monitoring system are listed below:

Parameter WiFi Wired LAN Radio Frequency / Zigbee
Adding more monitors & sensors Can be added in existing WiFi. Or additional WiFi routers can be installed which are cheap Additional LAN points required Need reconfiguration and range limitation.
May need additional receivers, which will become costly.
Data security Secured Secured Secured
Cost Cheaper than Wired LAN & Rf or Zigbee* Costlier than WiFI & cheaper than Rf & Zigbee* Costlier than WiFI and Wired LAN since More receivers are required for coverage especially in buildings such as hospitals*

Note: The cost comparison is general, and will vary depending on the application & type of installation.

Applications of WiFi Monitoring systems

Few of the major applications are detailed herein.

  1. Cold chain management industry for storage and transportation of medicines.
  2. Medical refrigerators used in hospitals, pharmacies, research laboratory etc.
  3. Walk-in cold room,walk-in chiller, walk in freezer etc. used for storage of medicines, vaccines, food etc.
  4. Data center and server rooms for monitoring and maintaining humidity and temperature.
WiFi Monitoring System for Hospitals

In hospitals, a WiFi temperature monitoring system is one way that nurses or attendants can continuously monitor critical parameters of various equipment in a patient’s room. Also, there are pharmacies, blood banks etc. which needs monitoring and recording.
Normally the following critical segments are monitored.

  1. Medicines and vaccine stored in Pharmacies under the normal environment.
  2. Medical refrigerator and medical freezers used for storage of plasma, blood, body tissues, medical samples etc.
  3. Laboratories which has to be maintained under controlled temperature.
  4. Rooms where optical instruments and glasses are stored.
  5. Operation theaters, which always require controlled environment.
  6. Clean rooms, isolation rooms, isolation wards etc.in hospitals.
  7. Phlebotomy rooms which require controlled environment.

WiFi temperature monitoring graphWiFi temperature monitoring refrigerator

WiFi Monitoring System for Medical Refrigerators and Freezer

The advantage of using a WiFI system is most prominent in Medical refrigerators. These refrigerators and freezers require to be relocated regularly. Also they need to be removed for maintenance at times. If the monitoring system is WiFi, it is very easy to disconnect and remove. Once the refrigerator is back into the WiFi network, it is automatically reconnected. Even when you add additional refrigerators in the same network, it is very easy to add monitoring. Adding new network points are always labor intensive and hence costly.

Also these systems are capable of giving an alert if there is a power failure. We can connect phone call, SMS and Email alerts so that any number of operators can receive alerts if temperature or humidity exceeds permitted levels. Also, they will receive alerts in case there is a power failure.
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