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Air dryers are used in residential and commercial environments to reduce moisture from the air. Vacker is air dryer supplier in the United home-Majlis-air-dryer-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAEArab Emirates (Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, AlAin, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman & Fujeirah), Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Applications of Air Dryers

All the air dryers used in this region are condensation types. This means that they convert the moisture in the air to water and drains out.

Based on the type of usage, there are various applications for air dryers:

  1. Air dryer for a home for the bedroom, living room etc. especially in humid countries like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain etc.
  2. Air dryer for offices and commercial buildings in humid countries
  3. Air dryer for the gymnasium, yoga halls etc.
  4. Air dryer for indoor swimming pools to reduce moisture caused by the pool.home-air-dryer-Oman-Qatar-Bahrain
  5. Air dryer for apartments, villas etc. especially in humid countries and the seaside.

How to select Air dryers?

While selecting air dryers you have to consider mainly two factors:

  1. The area of the room which you want to dry.
  2. The present moisture level.

Based on these two factors, you can select an air dryer for your apartment, villas etc. If you have a bigger requirement like a swimming pool, warehouse etc. we will help you select the right air-dryers.

Capacity selection of Portable Air dryers for Villas, Apartments & Offices

For residential applications, we supply three different sizes of portable air dryers.

  1. For small bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms etc. you can select the portable air dryer type TTK 40E having a capacity of 1big-home-air-dryer-Dubai-Abudhabi-Sharjah-AlAin4 litres per day.
  2. For big bedrooms, living rooms or halls, we recommend medium-size air dryers model TTK 68E having a maximum capacity of 20 litres per day.
  3. For very big rooms and houses, we recommend a bit higher air dryer model TTK 127E, with capacity up to 50 litres per day. Even though this is portable, this is a bit bigger than the previous two models.

All these model are manufactured by Trotec, Germany. These models are known as our comfort series with a sleek design suitable for living environments.

How does an Air dryer operate?

An air dryer operates in the reverse principle of an air conditioner. It takes air and cools down. While the air is cooled down, the water content in the air is condensed. This condensed water is drained out thus reducing moisture content in the air. There is a small water container in all the above three models. You have two options to remove this water. One option is to remove water from the container when it is full. There will be a LED indication when the water is full. The second option is to connect a pipe and drain the water continuously to the outside of the room. In this case, you don’t have to empty the tank once it is full. You can control the required level of dryness by adjusting the hygrostat. Generally, 60-65% setting is good enough for homes, apartments, villas, offices etc.

Air dryers for Offices

Offices will have a higher number of people and will need faster drying. If you need faster drying, it is better to use air dryers of bigger capacity. The capacity is mentioned in litres per day. If the capacity is 14 litre per day, it means that it will remove 14 litres of water per day from the surrounding air in 24 hours. For an office, it is better to use higher models, either TTK 68E or TTK127E. Otherwise, there is no difference in the selection of air dryers for office or home.

Industrial Air dryersindustrial-air-dryer-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE-Qatar-Oman-Saudi-Kuwait-Bahrain

Industrial air dryers are very high capacity machines used for the same purpose of removing water from the air. For selecting the size of the machine, there are calculations involved. We will assist with you in selecting the right capacity of an air dryer machine. In order to calculate the right capacity, we need the following details:

  1. Size of the space which has to be dried. We require Length, Width & Height of the area.
  2. What is the present temperature? For calculating the worst scenario, it is better to consider the highest temperature normally encountered.
  3. What is the maximum humidity levels normally happening in the area? In order to measure this, you will need a meter known as a hygrometer. If one of our representatives are available in your country, we will help you in measuring this.swimming-pool-air-dryer-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE-Saudi
  4. What is the humidity you want to maintain? This will depend on the type of usage of the area. eg. If you are storing medicine, you will need to maintain humidity level below 65%. We will assist you with this.

Once you provide these details, we will calculate the required capacity of the air dryer using this air dryer capacity calculation tool. Please see more on our industrial dryers.

Air dryers for swimming pools

The air around indoor swimming pools is always having a high content of moisture. This is a huge challenge and will cause damage to swimming-pool-air-dryer-UAE-Qatar-Oman-Saudi-Kuwait-Bahrainsurrounding rooms, carpets, curtains, furniture etc. In order to decide the capacity of the required air-dryer for swimming pools, we require the following details:

  1. Size of the indoor swimming pool.
  2. Size of the room in which the swimming pool is operating.
  3. The temperature of the water of the swimming pool.
  4. The temperature of the air inside the room surrounding the pool.
  5. The number of pools normally occupying the swimming pool.

Once you provide these details, we will calculate the required size of the air dryer machine for swimming pools. Please read more on our range of swimming pool air dryers.

Please contact us for all types of Air dryers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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