Lowcost Cold Storage Rooms

We are supplying Low-cost cold storage which is up to 40% cheaper than conventional cold rooms. Also, energy consumption is up to 50% lesser than normal cold rooms, based on the electricity charges in your city.

Energy-saving, low-cost chiller rooms 30-40% cheaper than conventional cold storages

We use patented technology from the USA to provide low-cost cold room solutions. These are especially useful for small and medium-sized cold rooms. Major advantages of these cold rooms are listed below:

  1. You can use it for any applications which require a temperature above 0°C.
  2. This will save you almost 40-50% on your initial investment in the cold store.
  3. Our AC units consume only very small electric power compared to conventional cooling units. This saves up to 40% on energy bills, based on your country.
  4. Normal cooling units require a huge amount of regular maintenance, costing a sizeable amount. Our units are absolutely maintenance-free similar to any normal home AC unit.
  5. As these are small single-phase AC units, they can even run on generators. So you don’t need an industrial power connection. You can install it in the backyard of your house.
  6. Conventional chiller units require huge space and ventilation areas. However, our units are small and hence even small restaurants can have their own cold store.
  7. We supply the cold rooms in modular panels, which are easy to assemble.
  8. Normally the installation of chiller units takes a lot of specialized technicians. However, any normal technician can install our units.
  9. We provide 2 years warranty for the AC units along with the electronic circuitry.
  10. It is also possible to use mobile cold rooms and van cold rooms either using a converter or using a generator.
  11. More than 45000 cold rooms are in operation around the world during the past 10 years.

As these low-cost cold storages consume much less energy compared to conventional cold rooms, these are great solutions for a greener world.

Lowcost Walk-in freezers for the food and pharma industry

A walk-in freezer provides bulk cold storage options at cold


er temperatures and generally for an extended duration than those offered by its refrigerated kind. Walk-in freezers are popular with restaurants, grocery stores, and other foodservice businesses. They are ideal for operations that receive as much as several weeks’ worth of frozen ingredients in single deliveries. They add storage space for bulk foods.

A walk-in freezer is crucial in the food industry because it protects your money in inventory, storing food safely for your customers. You can find walk-in freezer units that come as a simple storage box and others that arrive with an external refrigeration system already connected to the box itself.

At Vacker Global, we offer units made with state-of-the-craftsmanship, materials and engineering. We offer an extensive range of innovative, advanced walk-in cold rooms with significant advantages over conventional cold rooms. This series of cold rooms have been designed with the consumer in mind, with a broad range of sizes for both chiller and freezer applications whatever the clients’ requirements.

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Lowcost Cold rooms for storage of medicines and vaccinescold-room-vacker

It is vital to store temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines. Correct refrigeration that provides high enough safety standards is essential for the storage of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, vaccines and other refrigerated medicines must be transported in an appropriate manner to ensure the correct temperature range.

Vaccines are particularly prone to temperature variations and may quickly lose their efficacy if they become too hot or too cold. Vaccines biodegrade naturally over time and storing them outside the recommended temperature range can speed up an irreversible loss of potency. The outcome may be that the vaccicheap-cold-storage-room-UAE-Saudi-Oman-Qatar-Kuwait-Bahrainne no longer works on a patient and it can result in costly wastage of vaccines or even worse, fatality.

The cold chain is the industry standard for the transportation and storage of vaccines. By making sure that there are no breaks in the cold chain and using only specifically designed cold storage options, the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range of 2-8˚C can be maintained, through delivery and storage, to patient administration.

Modular, dismantle-type low-cost cold storages for hotels, hospitals, pharma industries

Modular Coldrooms are made up of individual panels that result in an energy-efficient cold room that maintains a suitable temperature. VackerGlobal offers modular cold rooms, providing flexible solutions to suit any environment. Our Modular Coldrooms are easy to install, practical and affordable. Our modular cold room series is an integrated family of sandwich panels designed by keeping the panel configuration to a minimum.

Thus we are able to offer our cold room assembly in short delivery periods. This helps the customers for easy installation without any detailed training. All products from the modular range can be easily assembled without the need for special aids. Similarly, you can dismantle them easily in order to move or expand them. We design our modular cold storage rooms based on our customer’s requirements.

Features of Modular Coldrooms

  1. They are easier and faster to assemble, which means time and cost-effectiveness.
  2. It has never been easier to expand a cold room. This means versatility because you can add more vertical panels to increase the size. You may discuss this with our technical experts during the finalisation of your order.
  3. As the panels are of standard sizes, it saves on shipping costs.

Energy-efficient, low-cost cold rooms cold-storage

We are using patented technology to provide special cooling units for operation above zero Degree C. VackerGlobal has come up with its own version of special design cold rooms. It is the answer to cold storage for the ones on a budget. These cooling units are suitable for any normal applications such as medicine, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, pastry etc.
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  1. It operates similar to any other conventional cold room. However, we recommend that the door opening should be limited to once in 15 minutes or more. Otherwise, it will affect energy efficiency and performance.
  2. The installation is easy without any special tools or technicians.
  3. Our units require much less space for installation.

Traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration systems mean investing big money because they sell for their cost plus installation. Moreover, they use a ‘brute-force’ cooling approach including lots of coolants, which is toxic to the environment. Also, they have a big motor, a large surface area, and multiple fans. These can dry out your vegetables and also make your electricity bills rise. It’s not possible to use only an A/C unit.

First, they can’t go below 18° C. This limitation at 18° C makes it unsuitable for commercial cold storage applications. We will have to use a traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration system for such applications.

The patented technology intelligently controls the A/C unit using multiple sensors and a programmed microcontroller. This device makes the air conditioner’s compressor operate in such a way so that it cools the room to 0° C without ever freezing up. Besides, our innovative interface which links the electronic circuitry to your A/C allows for easy installations. This does not require any special training or equipment.

The price of our units and the electronic circuitry is a fraction of the cost of a conventional walk-in cooler. This saves you money on upfront equipment costs. Above all, the device is programmed to shut off the compressor on your A/C unit. This lowers your monthly electricity bill and helps the environment. You’ll have no problem keeping your room as cold as you want it. You can select our units based on your needs.

We provide a variety of temperature-controlled cold storage options as per your demand. We help you keep your products in the best condition possible, to store or transport to your customers. We offer a complete line of the most dependable, feature-oriented and cost-effective cold room solutions. Our innovative refrigeration solutions maximize storage capacity while meeting the most stringent demands of uniform temperature and tight tolerances.Low-Cost-Cold-storage-chiller-room-MiddleEast-Africa

How to convert an existing room into a low-cost cold room?

We can provide a special insulation sheet to convert your existing room into a cold room. Our cooling units can then be installed in these rooms to convert the same into a cold room. This also depends on whether the room is exposed to a high ambient temperature.  Our AC unit will bring down the temperature to any desired temperature levels above 0ºC.

This is especially useful for walk-in-chillers above 10ºC. Otherwise, heat losses will increase electricity consumption.

Using our technology you can even convert one room of your apartment into a special cold room.

Cold Storage room with humidity control by humidifier & dehumidifier

Many of the cold storage require humidity control for keeping the quality of the stored goods. eg. For pharmaceutical cold storage, the humidity has to be below 65% RH. Similarly, fruits and vegetables also need humidity control. Onion storage requires humidity control. For avocado storage, the humidity has to be maintained at a high level. We can supply complete humidity-controlled cold storage.

In order to increase the humidity, we supply humidifiers. In order to reduce the humidity, we supply dehumidifiers. If you provide the details of the goods being stored, we will be able to supply the humidity control system.

We are providing supply and installation of cold storage across all Middle East and African countries.

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Product Description of Modular, Low-Cost Cold Storage Chiller Room

  1. Brief Title of the device: Low-Cost Cold Storage Chiller room, saving on capital cost and energy costs.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Low-cost, walk-in cold storage room saving up to 40% on the purchase cost compared to a conventional cold room. Also, the energy cost will be up to 40% less, depending on the energy tariff in your city. It can operate in a small generator or solar panels. Modular economic, energy-saving cold room of Size: 5mX5mx2.4m for 3°C to 5°C.
  3. Model number: VAC-Kool
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1017000037
  7. Price (AED): 21950.00
  8. Price Validity: 31 December 2022

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