IP Based Monitoring

IP Based Monitoring is one of the advanced modes of IP Based Monitoring Devicemonitoring, analyzing and controlling parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Water, Smoke and many more. We offer such monitoring systems with variant options and additions to be made. These systems can be installed or set up in assets such as Data Centers, Warehouses, Cold Rooms, and Critical Commercial or Industrial areas. These systems come with a cloud platform where you can view the data in real-time. This is often considered a major point of convenience for customers worldwide which helps them to keep a track of variations in their assets. We will now give an overview of the technicality, operating principle, applications and system structures.

Types of IP Based Monitoring systems

Please find below a few of our IP Based monitoring systems.

  1. STE2 – Ethernet & WiFi enabled monitoring device

    STE2 is an SNMP-based Ethernet/WiFi-enabled thermometer with Digital input capable of monitoring Temperature & Humidity with the help of external sensors. With the help of an Ethernet cable or WiFi, this device can be connected to the internet and provides the customer with a cloud platform to monitor the data in real time. Some of the technical features are given below:

    1. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) based device which supports simultaneous operation of standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) with a built-in web server (no need for software other than a standard Web browser – sensedesk.com) which is absolutely free of any charges and also available for mobile devices (iOS and Android)
    2. Functions on 5V power supply or PoE
    3. Can connect two RJ11 sensors (Max. 3 temperature or humidity sensors) and two DI input contact (Door contact, motion detector, smoke detector, 110/230V power supply detector, water leak detector)
    4. ste 2 ethernet and wifi enabled monitoring deviceCommunicates through E-mail alerts when monitoring fluctuations in temperature or humidity in facilities like HVAC/Warehouses/Cold Storages etc. Converts E-mail Alerts to SMS with the assistance of Hwg-SMS-GW3 (SMS Gateway where a registered SIM Card is inserted and the alerts recipient number is configured through the web interface)
    5. Supports software such as HWg-Trigger for redirection of alarms to SMS, Pop-up and to shutdown PC or HWg-PDMS to log internally, create graphs and export the data to MS Excel
    6. The device package comes along with a Power Adapter, operation manual CD and a temperature sensor included

    This device can be used for different applications and in various assets.

    1. WiFi environment monitoring at remote locations such as laboratories, data centres etc., without network cables.
    2. With the help of digital input contact, it can monitor the door and motion-related operations in industrial facilities and can be connected to the central PLC and SCADA system.
    3. poseidon2 4002 data center environemnt monitoring vacker globalThis device can monitor the temperature and humidity in extremely cold food and medication storage facilities and can give e-mails or SMS alerts upon any fluctuations. This helps the store caretakers to monitor the storage from any corner with the help of the free mobile application.
    4. STE2 helps to monitor the HVAC and Power failure outage and also alerts the users upon any serious damage or failure.
    5. Most importantly for food storage, it oversees optimal storage conditions and with the application software, HACCP reports can be created.
  2. Ares 10: GSM thermometer with a web portal, e-mail and SMS alarms

    Ares 10 is a GSM/GPRS-based Environment Monitoring System which can monitor mobile coverage with a constant power supply (Ares 12 comes with an internal battery). Unlike the STE2, this unit does not need any external software to push Email alerts to SMS or call. The GSM network does it all. Some of the main technical features for better understanding are:

    1. Communicates through GSM/GPRS in-built module which is made possible with the help of a Quad-Band 850/900 / 1800/1900 MHz – SMA antenna connector
    2. 9–30 VDC / 0.5 A external power has to be supplied since there is no presence of an internal battery unlike Ares 12, where it also includes an internal battery
    3. Can support 3 external sensors of 1-Wire / 1Wire UNI (RJ11) type (whereas, the Ares 12 can handle 14 sensors in all) which monitors parameters like illumination, temperature, humidity, current 4-20mA, voltage 0-60V, Pt100/1000 temperature probe, water flood at a point (1D) or in an area (2D). The presence of 2 DI Input can support motion detector, water detector, door contact, power failure etc.
    4. ip watchdog 2 industrial starter vackerglobalWith the help of HWg-PDMS software, this unit can also periodically record the data by retrieving the sensor values from Ares units connected over GSM/GPRS in the form of a chart or excel datasheet which comes absolutely free of charge up to three sensors
    5. Upon any fluctuations in the parameters being monitored, it can send email/SMS/Call alerts to 5 recipients and can be customized on sensedesk.com portal. It doesn’t need a standalone SMS gateway
    6. The SenseDesk web portal offers a great service by sending email and SMS alerts when the GSM module’s communication process fails
    7. com can detect a failure of communication from the Ares device and send an alert to communication failure within 30 to 60 minutes

    The implementation of this unit can be done in the areas given below:

    1. Ares 10/12 is mostly suited for data centres, transformer stations, critical substations or areas with minimal accessibility
    2. This unit can be used for telecommunication set-up to monitor the temperature and humidity
    3. The device can also be connected to the ATM Machines for better security management and to monitor the quality of the currency notes
    4. It can be installed in offices to maintain the temperature and humidity level or to monitor the security status
    5. Warehouses or general storage can also be monitored with the help of Ares 10/12

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  3. Poseidon2 4002: Data centre environment monitoring

    Poseidon2 4002 is a remote monitoring system specialized to operate in data centres or server rooms. It occupies 1U on a rack and can be used as a standalone device to monitor temperature, humidity, door opening and many more. It is SNMP compatible, includes a data logger and can be connected to an online portal or cloud sensor system. This device has the capacity to handle numerous sensors. Some of its main technical features are:

    1. This unit can take up to 16 external sensors, 12 detectors with a dry contact output, 4 relay outputs and a GSM modem. We supply temperature and humidity sensors (indoor/outdoor), light intensity sensors, DC/AC current and voltage converters. Digital Inputs can be connected to smoke detectors, power failure detectors, water flood detection, and more. Relay outputs can be controlled over the Web, or according to the value of a connected sensor, for example, to control air conditioning or ventilation.
    2. Upon any parameter fluctuation, Poseidon2 sends email alerts or SMS/Ring alerts with the help of an HWg-SMS-GW (SMS Gateway)
    3. Like every other HWG product, this unit can also be monitored or viewed on an online portal sensedesk.com, where you can review sensor readings at different points on the same platform.
    4. hwg ares 10 with web portal email sms alert vackerglobalThe HWG-Trigger App also send an alert when there is a power failure detected
    5. Poseidon2 can be connected to different monitoring systems, SNMP Party or SCADA systems
    6. The device can accommodate a maximum of 16 RJ11external sensors (1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI) which can measure humidity, voltage, current, 4-20mA, illumination, temperature (incl. Pt100, Pt1000)
    7. It can accommodate 12x DI for dry contacts (state detectors) which can connect to door contacts, smoke detectors, 110/230V power supply detectors, water leak detectors, fan failure detectors and 4x DO relay output (low-voltage NO/NC relay contact)
    8. An external GSM modem (HWg-SMS-GW) for sending text messages (SMS) can be connected to RS-232 where alerts can be sent as SMS (text messages) with up to 5 recipients (phone numbers)
    9. Poseidon2 is also compatible with HWG-PDMS where data can be exported to excel format
    10. The built-in data logger for Poseidon2 4002 has a capacity for 250,000 records, working as a temperature logger with one temperature sensor and 4x DI. That is enough memory for 230 days (7.5 months) when logging every 300 [s] (5 minutes).

    Some of the usage examples of this unit are:

    1. Remote environment monitoring in data centres and server rooms. Sensing of temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage and detection of power failure, door opening, movement etc.
    2. Damocles 2 mini lan deviceAC monitoring of an HVAC or Cooling unit of a rack room
    3. UPS or backup generator monitoring which involves the detection of fuel level, generator or motor status, monitoring of temperature and service contracts
    4. Remote monitoring of I/O control over Ethernet where Modbus/TCP protocol can be used for integration with existing SCADA systems
    5. Measures temperature and humidity in a cooler or a freezer. When a value is out of a safe range, a relay output is activated to e.g. turn on a warning light or sound a horn. Suitable for monitoring storage of food or pharmaceuticals. We recommend the PDMS software to monitor the temperature.
    6. The surveillance system’s sensor readings and detector states can be fed to IP camera systems. Digital Outputs can be used to turn on the lights in a certain zone or open/close gates.

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  4. Damocles2 MINI: LAN device with digital inputs and outputs (relays)

    Damocles2 is a network device for monitoring and controlling digital inputs and relay outputs over a LAN. It is typically used as a web relay (also called IP relay, web relay or SNMP relay), an on-off switch or remote power control (e.g. remote power off) for remote products, and for connecting to IoT (Internet of Things). Some of its major features are:

    1. Four dry contacts can be connected to the Damocles2 MINI digital inputs (DI) and two digital relay outputs (DO) that can be controlled over a LAN.
    2. Damocles2 is often used as a remote Ethernet relay for Poseidon2 where a virtual output of the Poseidon2 unit can be connected over the network to a physical relay output of the Damocles2 unit.
    3. The power supply needed is 9-30V DC and this device also supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
    4. Upon any parameter fluctuation, Poseidon2 sends email alerts or SMS/Ring alerts with the help of an HWg-SMS-GW (SMS Gateway)
    5. An SNMP-based device that sends monitoring alerts and SMS through a network to a maximum number of 5 recipients.
    6. The HWG-Trigger and HWG-PDMS do the same operation as mentioned above for the other HWG units

    Implications of Damocles2 MINI:

    1. This device can monitor energy consumption by counting pulses from electricity or gas etc
    2. Monitoring of security solutions, UPS or Air conditions
    3. Relay outputs can be connected to this unit and can be controlled as remote I/O over Ethernet
    4. When there is an instance of AC failure, Poseidon2 3266 detects it with the help of a temperature sensor. The relay output of Damocles2 MINI is connected, using the Box-2-Box mode, to a Virtual Digital Output of the Poseidon2 3266. The thermostat function in the Poseidon2 unit activates the VDO, the signal is then carried over the network to Damocles2 MINI, and the backup A/C is switched on.
    5. The device also monitors the status of the fire alarm system. Alarms from individual zones are connected as dry contacts to digital inputs.
  5. IP WatchDog2 Industrial: Ping restarter

    IP WatchDog2 periodically checks the function of monitoring devices (by transmitting or receiving an “I’m alive and OK” signal over LAN or RS-232 line). If the required response is not received in time, the device is restarted using a relay. This entire process is automatic, without any additional software or human intervention. IP WatchDog2 Industrial has the potential to monitor 10 devices.

    When an outage is detected, WatchDog2 reacts by power-cycling or restarting the device using its two output channels (relays), sending an e-mail or a text message (SMS), or activating an audible alarm.

    1. Monitors up to 10 devices, provides 2 relay outputs rated at 110/230V / 16A
    2. 5 methods of monitoring
    3. RS-232 output point for monitoring machinery or connecting an external GSM modem

    The most important technical features are:

    1. Watchdog2 comes with a built-in server and can monitor 10 devices, (2 outputs for response)
    2. The 5 methods of detecting device availability are:
      • Ping-Out: Periodically sends PING requests
      • Ping-In: Waits for a PING from a specified IP address
      • Web client: Periodically checks the availability of a given web page or web server (web watchdog)
      • Web server: Waits for a request for its internal web page
      • RS232 output point: Waits for a sequence of characters in the RS-232 data stream (rs-232 watchdog)
    3. This unit upon any outage of the parameters can send an email alert or SMS alert with the help of GSM Gateway support (HWg-SMS-GW)
    4. Watchdog2 can also accommodate DO relay output (NO/NC, 230V/16A AC)
    5. Comes with a built-in alarm buzzer
    Applications of WatchDog2:
    1. Upon connection failure, the PING monitoring system allows for an autonomous restart by two-way communication between the WatchDog2 and router/switch/WiFi-AP (Access Point)
    2. In case of an outage of an IP based Camera Security System, WatchDog2 restarts the camera and an alarm is started
    3. WatchDog2 can be used for the autonomous restart of routers placed in areas with low accessibility.

    Monitoring and regular restarts of a computer placed in an informative/entertainment kiosk

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