Hydrogen leak detectors

Hydrogen gas detector


Effective trace gasoline detector for leak detection or tightness tests
The distinctive characteristics of gas introduce manifold benefits once used as trace gas for leak detection or tightness tests to the user. The gas device TS 810 SDI unites these advantages in a cost-effective method with the high flexibility of the T3000 multi-function measure meter.


A top quality product “Made in Germany” throughout the event of that high-precision device technology and a sensational value-for-money quantitative relation may well be combined despite advanced producing processes.

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The acquisition of satisfactory competitive solutions is five to 10 times more Costly!Hydrogen Leak Detector

Effective measurement method

The device TS 810 SDI captures hydrogen, which e.g. within the usual 95/5% forming gas is used as tracer gas for leakages, and therefore in a straightforward means permits users to perform a nondestructive location of the very best concentration of gas at intervals the mensuration space, e.g. for the situation of cracks and leaks in pressure tanks, pipes, tanks etc.

The size of the check object is immaterial, for because of its high-resolution accuracy and also the mensuration vary from 0 to 1,000 ppm of H₂, the sensor system also captures minor concentrations of hydrogen from about 1 ppm H₂.

To ensure the finest changes to completely different in operation conditions the device will naturally even be set to a lower sensitivity level.

Acoustic and numerical indication of measured values

During measuring, increasing and falling element concentrations square measure given acoustically at the detector housing in addition as via the numeric show of an indicative measured fee on the show of the T3000.
This way, compared to the highest H₂ attentiveness the user can be focused optionally by the signal tone interval or the displayed measured value and so precisely narrow down the place of the leak to be detected.

Compressed solution for wireless mobile application

The energy offer of the trace gas detector TS 810 SDI is caused utterly via the multi-function measurement meter T3000, hence there’s no requirement to carry on any further reversible battery cells for detector operation. These savings in terms of weight and space become principally noticeable throughout longer measurement operations.Hydrogen Leak Detector

Owing to the flexible goose-neck, mensuration results may also be resolute in locations which are solely poorly or unreachable while expanding rigid activity head.

The sensing element sensitivity will handily be adjusted in 5 steps directly at the hand-held housing. Furthermore, the acoustic indicator also can quickly be switched on or off as required.

Furthermore, the zero reset is managed at the push of a button – special operations for the completely differentiated indication measure by suggests that of 2 real-time measured values supported different position coordinates.

The zero reset operates even permits the following activity of an inflated concentration in the close air already extremely enriched with tracer gas. Together with the terribly high compassion, even the littlest leakages is placed with pinpoint accuracy by suggests that of a multiple zero resets.

All the chosen settings area unit displayed by suggests that of LED bar graph integrated housing of the device
Enables larger economical cost-effective testing procedures in the enterprise
The TS 810 SDI sensing element creates the things for faster check ways since the hydrogen quantity approach effective substitute to conservative approaches for tightness tests or leak detection.

These are whichever perceptibly effortful and time-taking, for e.g. the bubble check when soaping work items or the pressure drop check, in the other case need a large quality of system needed, as is that the case with the noble gas tightness check.Hydrogen Leak Detector

With the concoction of TS 810 SDI Trace Gas sensing element and T3000, manufactured Plants are equipped the most effective instrument for tightness tests of weld layers, pressure tanks or strain lines.
Checking pump our figures for leakages will competently and extremely economically be realized with the hydrogen leak detection and the T3000.


The XRS 9012 represents this technological progress within the expansion of this productive device of hydrogen leak detectors.
Accordingly, powerful and handy instrument permits the short, time- and cost-saving effective location of leaks. Leaks could not be too little or large, the XRS system can notice them fast and exactly!

The thought of the XRS detection system relies on present discoveries since material and Process engineering. Because of that, this instrument has compact advantages providing for the end-user compared to alternative gas detectors. Any info may be found here:

Facts on trace gas:

Once studying the outlook and physical features of gases significant of the leak detection, one swiftly recognise that hydrogen is much greater to alternative gases. Thus, hydrogen is used as trace gas for leak detection along with the XRS system. It’s not solely the lightest, however additionally the smallest amount costly of all trace gases and fully worthless, once used appropriately: namely diluted with nitrogen.

Because of this, the XRS system uses a gas combination of 5% hydrogen as well as 95% nitrogen. This ecologically sound blend of gases is flameproof, non-toxic and not corrosive! Hydrogen and nitrogen are giving altogether in organic systems. The natural hydrogen contented in air quantity to 0.5 ppm.