Warehouse Temperature & Humidity Monitoring


Warehouse temperature monitoring sensor

We supply a warehouse monitoring system that can constantly monitor temperature and humidity in your warehouse. It also generates Phone calls and SMS alerts. Vacker provides you with the perfect solution for various monitoring systems at the best price available in the market.
With lots of models available to meet your requirements, you can actually get what you want at a reasonable price. Our services are available throughout the Middle East and African countries.

A warehouse requires close monitoring of temperature and humidity. This is applicable when it is used to store different items such as chemicals, vaccines, food, vegetables, medicines, etc. Proper maintenance of humidity and temperature helps to ensure and maintain the quality of the products stored in the warehouses.

Parameters of a warehouse monitoring system

For normal warehouses, you may consider monitoring the following parameters:

  1. The temperature of the warehouse


    Warehouse monitoring phone call alert

    One of the most important things to be monitored inside a warehouse is the temperature. Generally,
    warehouses are enclosed large rooms. Hence, it may require more than one sensor to monitor the overall temperature of the warehouse.
    We provide a temperature mapping service that helps you determine the location to place the sensors in the warehouse. A temperature mapping study is required especially for the storage of medicines and chemical products. A warehouse monitoring system will definitely have temperature as one of the first parameters.

  2. The humidity of the warehouse

    Humidity is also another factor that requires close monitoring. The humidity requirement for different products is different. Hence the items to be stored in the warehouse should be considered. Humidity monitoring helps to maintain a proper amount of humidity level in the warehouse according to the need of the item that is stored.

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  3. Power failure

    A power failure in the warehouse can be very devastating as the required parameters for different factors can easily get out of the limit, which can damage or degrade the quality of the goods that are stored in the warehouse. Hence it is very important to monitor the power supply in the warehouse.
    Our power monitoring system can quickly alert the operators in case of a power failure which helps to minimize or prevent any damage to the goods stored. A warehouse monitoring should include an alert for power failure.

  4. Water Leak Detection

    We can provide a water leak detection system in critical areas of the warehouse. Please find more details on our water leak detection systems.

  5. Air Quality

    If you want to monitor the air quality, we can provide our air quality monitoring solutions for the same.

How to choose the right warehouse temperature monitoring system?


Wireless temperature humidity sensor for warehouse

While selecting a proper warehouse monitoring system, you have to consider the following factors:

  1. Check the parameters you want to monitor among Temperature, Humidity, Power failure, water leakage etc.
  2. Decide whether you require a Wired LAN or WiFi warehouse temperature monitoring. If you have a big warehouse requiring more than two sensors, we recommend the use of a wireless warehouse monitoring system. For a wired LAN system, it is difficult to provide network points at various points around the warehouse.
  3. Decide whether you prefer a local computer monitoring or a cloud-based warehouse temperature monitoring device. If it is a cloud-based monitoring system, you can check the data and take reports from anywhere with an internet connection.
  4. The types of alerts you require in the warehouse temperature monitoring system. We can provide Email, SMS and phone call alerts. If your requirement is not very critical, you may choose Email or SMS alerts. If your warehouse stores critical goods, you may want to have a phone call alert system.Warehouse temperature & humidity recording with Phone SMS alert
  5. The number of sensors is based on the size of the warehouse. If you are storing medicines and vaccines, you might have done a temperature mapping study. From these reports, you will come to know the hot and cold points and recommended sensor locations.
    This will give you the exact number of sensors required for the warehouse temperature monitoring system. If you do not have a temperature mapping study, please contact us with the dimensions of the warehouse and we will propose the locations of the sensors.
  6. You may prefer a monitoring system that works only on a battery. If you want high reliability we recommend using a system with a regular power supply and with a battery backup.
  7. There are options for a display screen on every sensor or a centralized display on a computer or a screen. In a big warehouse, you may have sensors at high levels. In these cases display at each sensor is not useful.

Specifications of our warehouse monitoring system VAC-080


Warehouse temperature recording and alert

This is our simplest model for warehouses. The major features are as below.

  1. It has a memory capacity of 80000 readings.
  2. It has two different options viz. Wired and WiFi models.
  3. It can generate Phone calls and SMS alerts through a SIM card-based system.
  4. It can connect to 4 sensors.
  5. Cloud-based monitoring can be provided so that the customer can view the data remotely.
  6. Each sensor can go to a length of up to 30 meters.
  7. Temperature, Humidity, and Power failure alert is possible in the same warehouse monitoring system.
  8. Touch screen with the display of graph and actual readings.

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Product Description of Temperature & Humidity monitoring system for warehouses

  1. Brief Title of the device: Temperature & Humidity monitoring system for warehouses with Phone & SMS alerts.
  2. Brief Description of the device: Set of 5 sensors for Temperature & Humidity recording for warehouses with Phone call and SMS alerts. The system works on Radio Frequency. This set consists of one receiver and 5 transmitters for a small warehouse.
  3. Model number: VAC-WH-TH
  4. Brand: VackerGlobal
  5. Seller: VackerGlobal
  6. SKU Number: 1005000112
  7. Price (AED): 11000.00
  8. Price Validity: 30 June 2023

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