Corrosion Data Logger


Corrosion is a natural process that occurs in almost everything existing in nature and metals are no different in it. The use of metals in industries is pretty high and corrosion in metals can create various kinds of problems in the industrial process.

Since corrosion is generally a slow and continuous process we need to keep track of the corrosion process through the corrosion monitoring system. It helps us to warn in case of an unnaturally high corrosion rate and find the reason behind it. Especially in the modern world where almost every part of machines are made of metal industries corrosion data logger has become one of the must-have devices.


The corrosion monitoring system by Vacker Group is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring of various critical parts of industrial machinery used in all the facilities and plants. Our corrosion data logger is a highly reliable monitoring system as it provides accurate data on corrosion such as location and rate. It helps to understand the user’s underlying problem of corrosion which helps a significant advantage in preventing corrosion and increasing the life expectancy of the machinery.

Our experts in Vacker Group will help you to identify the location and parts of a plant which is most susceptible to corrosion which will also provide the user with an advantage to fight the catastrophic situation that the corrosion might create. Using our data logger users can increase the safety level of a plant as well as save money on maintenance.


Our corrosion data logger uses the electric resistance method to measure the corrosion rate. In general, they are designed to calculate the resistance of the probe element which may change with corrosion. By calculating the change in resistance the device is capable of calculating the corrosion in the metal.

The data logger will show the user the corrosion in mils and the rate of corrosion shown in mils per year. Also, our data loggers are capable of storing the data for a long period of time which also have attributes such as date and time. Our data loggers have high storage memory power and can store up to 3100 reading using 150 different probes. The data stored in the device can easily be retrieved with the help of a PC as a text file. This feature helps the user with further analysis and preparing a report.


Our devices are very easy to install and use. It provides our customers with the most accurate and reliable data than any of its counterpart devices. The device extirpates the need for the need of physical interference and can perfectly work in the absence of other installed infrastructures. Hence you can install our data loggers today and gain the peace of mind that you have been longing for so long.

Our corrosion data loggers are available in all the major cities of the United Arab Emirates. Some of the cities include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and many more. Our products can be ordered directly online or can be purchased from the stores.

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