Humidifiers are for increasing the humidity of an enclosed area. High humidity is required for various purposes. We are supplying residential, commercial and industrial-type humidifiers manufactured in Europe.

Types of humidifiers

Humidifiers are electric machines capable of converting water into fine moisture particles and also will have a fan to circulate air forcibly. There will be a water tank in which water has to be filled in either manually or through a direct hose connection. There will be a hygrostat (also known as humidistat) which monitors the humidity and controls the switching ON and OFF functions of the humidifier. We are offering the following types of humidifiers for various residential and commercial applications.

  1. Adiabatic centrifugal humidifier

    The adiabatic effect is converting water into mist by centrifugal action. This will produce humidity as well as a cool effect. This humidifier can be floor mounted or wall-mounted.

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  2. Air purifier with air humidifier

    Low humidity results in a sore throat and a dry mucous membrane increasing chances of cold and dry coughs. These are for small rooms and are especially for rooms with babies.

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    Room Humidifier Vacker Global

  3. Commercial warehouse humidifier

    Commercial Humidifiers can be either evaporation type or steam type. They convert water into steam by means of a fan. Humidity has to be increased for various commercial and industrial purposes. Typical examples are the storage of tobacco, the storage of certain fruits and vegetables etc. Industrial humidifiers are used for such requirements for warehouses, factories etc.

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  4. Duct humidifier

    Ducted humidifiers are for large warehouses or similar structures where we have to distribute the humidity through air ducts. We can use existing HVAC ducts or can provide new ducts. For using existing HVAC ducts, we need to consider all existing design calculations to select a suitable duct-mounted humidifier.

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  5. Evaporative humidifiers

    Evaporative humidifiers work based on the principle of evaporation. The humidifier evaporates water normally using a fan. There will be a water storage tank as part of the humidifier. These are normally small to medium-capacity humidifiers for small offices, warehouses etc.

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  6. Greenhouse cooling Humidifiers

    Greenhouses and similar indoor farming techniques require controlled humidity. They should not have high humidity or low humidity. In most cases, you will require a combination of the two to have precise control. Proper sensors will continuously monitor the humidity levels and will operate the humidifier only when required.

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  7. Industrial Humidifiers

    All high-capacity humidifiers used for industrial applications are categorised as industrial humidifiers. These will have bigger fan controls and storage capacity. An industrial humidifier will force dampness into the air, making an invisible fog. Extra dampness inside the air is additionally valuable when attempting to decrease the amount of airborne particles.

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  8. Industrial Steam humidifier

    A steam humidifier is used for industrial purposes, especially for bigger volumes. In these models, there is a small water tank and the water is converted into steam using electricity.

    Industrial Steam Humidifier vacker global

    The steam thus produced is spread into the area to increase humidity. These are especially useful for low-temperature areas such as cold rooms, walk-in freezers etc.

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  9. Mist Spray, high-pressure Humidifiers

    As the name suggests high-pressure mist spray humidifiers increase humidity by converting water into mist under high pressure. These are a very common type of humidifiers for high volume applications. The water is converted into minute moisture particles under pressurised systems.  These are suitable for buildings, hospitals etc. The nozzles will be connected to a loop of small pipes which will withstand high pressure. These models work under compressed air converting water into fine mist particles and spraying through the nozzles. Multiple nozzles can be connected to a single compressor system. These types are also used for industrial purposes such as cold rooms, walk-in freezers etc.

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  10. Room Humidifier

    Bigger room humidifiers having bigger humidification capacity are for bigger rooms such as living room, home theatre, auditoriums etc. These consist of a water tank and a fan to vaporize and spread the moisture into the air, thus increasing humidity.

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    Evaporation humidifier Vacker Global

  11. Static Electricity Humidifiers

    Metal frames in commercial or industrial places develop static electricity when the humidity is very low. It can happen in any sort of environment including hotels, factories, commercial buildings etc. Typical application is printing presses, paper processing industries etc. In order to reduce static electricity, one of the options is to increase humidity by means of a humidifier.

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  12. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

    An ultrasonic humidifier works using the ultrasonic method of converting water into fine particles of moisture.  This is best suited for quiet environments. The humidifier uses high-frequency sound waves for the conversion of water into mist.

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Selection chart of humidifiers

Regarding our various models of humidifiers, please see the enclosed selection chart:-

Humidifier comparison guide – Excel format
Humidifier comparison guide PDF format

Product Details:

  1. Product Title: Industrial humidifier for industrial purposes using the evaporation method with nozzles (Blowerpack and humidistat included).
  2. Product Description: Industrial humidifiers are for increasing humidity in hospitals, warehouses, hotels, data centres, museums, art galleries, printing presses, offices, storage of fruits and vegetables etc. Also, humidifiers are useful for reducing static electricity.
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  4. Price: USD 3300.00
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