Humidifiers are for increasing humidity of an enclosed area. High humidity is required for various purposes. We are supplying residential, commercial and industrial type humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany.

Principle of humidifiers

Humidifiers are electric machines capable of converting water into fine moisture particles and also will have a fan to circulate air forcibly. There will be a water tank in which water has to be filled in either manually or through a direct hose connection. There will be a hygrostat (also known as humidistat) which monitors the humidity and controls the switching ON and OFF functions of the humidifier.

Air purifier with air humidifier

Low humidity results in a sore throat and a dry mucus membrane increases chances of cold and dry coughs. These are for small rooms and are especially for rooms with babies. Read More about Air PurifierRoom Humidifier Vacker Global

Room Humidifier

Bigger room humidifiers having bigger humidification capacity are for bigger rooms such as living room, home theater, auditorium etc. These consist of a water tank and a fan to vaporize and spread the moisture into the air, thus increasing humidity. Read More about Room Humidifier

Industrial Steam humidifier

Steam humidifier are used for industrial purposes especially for bigger volumes. In these models, there is a small water tank and the water is converted into steam using electricity. Industrial Steam Humidifier vacker globalThe steam thus produced is spread into the area to increase humidity. These are especially useful for low temperature areas such as cold rooms, walk in freezers etc.
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Commercial Evaporation humidifier

Evaporation Humidifiers convert water into steam by means of a fan. Humidity has to be increased for various commercial and industrial purposes. Typical examples are storage of tobacco, storage of certain fruits and vegetables etc. Industrial humidifiers are used for such requirements for warehouses, factories etc.
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Evaporation humidifier Vacker Global

Humidifier with Nozzle Atomizer

These models work under compressed air converting water into fine mist particles and spraying through the nozzles. Multiple nozzles can be connected to a single compressor system. These types are also used for industrial purposes such as cold rooms, walk in freezers etc.

Adiabatic centrifugal humidifier

Adiabatic effect is converting water into mist by centrifugal action. This will produce humidity as well as cool effect. This humidifier can be floor mounted or on wall mounted.

adiabatic nozzle humidifier Vacker Global

Models of humidifiers

Regarding our various models of humidifiers, please see the enclosed selection chart:-

Humidifier comparison guide – Excel format

Humidifier comparison guide PDF format

Vacker Dubai is supplying various types of humidifiers in all GCC countries covering United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.