Lighting Control System for Industries and Logistics


In industries and logistics companies most of the money spends for the power expenses. Because they have large warehouses and buildings and also it is necessary to keep the power turned on most of the time so the level of power consumption will be high for these warehouses. But with our lighting control system it will save up to 80% of lightings because of the precise usage of the power. And the investors can reach the return on investment within 1 to 2 years’ time from the energy savings and productivity. We are using LED luminaries power system and it has increasing lifespan compared with the other power sources. All these features will lead to low invest and operational cost in the industry.

Features of VackerGlobal’s Lighting Control System for Industries and Logistics


  1. The lighting system is consisting of visual control and monitoring interface so Installing and controlling the process is easy to manage. And also since the system installation and maintaining process is very safe in handling it prevents work-related injuries and accidents in the workplace. These features will result in flexible and comfortable office environment.
  2. We use Ethernet interface TCP/IP system connections and data loggers to monitor the energy level and temperature inside the warehouse. And also it converts Luminaire integration to Building management system, therefore, the system working process will be effective.
  3. We offer products and services to the complex lighting projects. Our lighting plan is consist of the lighting control designs so it is helpful for the operating staff in the warehouse. And also we offer after sells services for our customers so no one has to worry about the installation and adjustments of the warehouse lighting system.
  4. Our industrial lighting system will reduce the power usage and investment cost. Further, the installation process is very quick and easy with the special software we provide along with the devices. The system is designed in a standard manner which meets the specific lighting requirements safely along with user comfortable process in the production halls, warehouses, and logistics centers.
  5. Our lighting control system provides energy efficient solution and besides it includes energy and temperature monitoring system with visuals so it will be easy to control interface customising and arching system.
  6. The wireless sensor system will detect the temperature range, humidity level, light intensity, air quality and similarly monitor the current level of jalousies, outdoor blinds, and process all the findings to the control system. Then control system will automatically adjust inside temperature range and make it contented for people living inside the warehouse. So power energy will be consumed effectively by the automated processing system because there is less human interference.
  7. Warehouse Light control system is excellent in installing, monitoring and expanding so we can use it for a section of a warehouse in the logistic center or else for the entire manufacturing complex and it will depend on the customer preference.


Figures for the efficiency of Lighting Control System

Investment cost

35,502 €


1.9 Years

Cost savings per year


Energy savings per year

220 698kWh

This case study was conducted in a warehouse with an area of 6 700m2. It had existing 44 pcs of tungsten lamps and it was replaced by 60 LED luminaires with our integrated lighting control system. This lighting control system is consisting of daylight regulators and occupancy detectors.

In our lighting control solution Initial capital expenses have to be spent for lighting management system and intelligent high bay LED luminaires with integrated wireless DALI receiver. And after that, you can save 80% cost per year and you can get the return of the investments within 1 to 2 years’ time duration.

System benefits for different stakeholders

The benefits of lighting control system are briefed below:

  1. For building owners and facility managers it is easy to configure and expand the system for any warehouse area, and also if someone wants to change the lighting system then they can easily reconfigure it and can process the changes instantly. It can be fixed within a mounting height of 17m and we are ready to conduct all the complex projects and deliver the luminaires with control system.
  2. For investors and developers it will be low level of investment and low level of maintaining cost. And as mentioned in the case study they can get the return on investment within 1-2 years’ time with 80% of power saving plan. Besides this is ideal for the reconstructions because it will save on the cabling costs also.
  3. We offer full CAD support as well as online technical design support with our products. And also we are ready to offer customer preferred switch designs and lighting plan and control system designs. So it will be beneficial for the architects and designers in the warehouse, therefor all what you need to do is just to reveal your wish to VackerGlobal team.
  4. We install devises for movement capturing, inside – outside temperature range capturing and also CO2, humidity detecting sensors in the system. And also there is Open communication interface for easy integration into building automation systems. These features will be helpful for System integrators and lighting manufactures.
  5. Owners and workers of the warehouse will be happy to see a relaxed and safe working atmosphere with standard lighting systems. Further the system is easy handling for any person and it contains flexible modifications to the systems when the designer needs to change interior design of the warehouse.

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