Water Leak Detection Alert System


The water leakage monitoring system includes a sensor cable, monitoring circuitry and an alarm system. The purpose of this system is to detect leakage in a room, kitchen, office, pump room, etc.

Water leakage monitoring can also be used as a Flood Monitoring System to detect floods in case of calamities thereby saving major disasters. Flood Monitoring Systems can save major human lives, flora, and fauna, by generating alerts beforehand.

If there is a water leakage beyond the permitted level, the system can detect the same. Then it will generate a phone call and SMS alert to 8 operators. It can deliver a voice message once the person attends to his mobile phone. The user can adjust the sensitivity of water detection so that only a real leakage will activate the system.
Water Leak Detection Alert Systems by VackerUAE can greatly help detect water leakage in small areas or help prevent a vast calamity like floods (Flood Monitoring Systems).
Please see our separate page on three types of our complete water leak detection systems.

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