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Dehumidifier Selection Chart

We are giving hereunder a brief overview of the process of selecting a dehumidifier as shown in the dehumidifier selection chart. Type of dehumidifiers by operating principle. There are two types: Condensation type dehumidifiers or refrigerant dehumidifiers, which are generally

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Dehumidifier for Egg Storage

Storage of eggs is an important part in a hatchery before the incubation period. The situation is very critical and the egg storage needs to be done very carefully to minimize the damage in eggs. Generally the storage time period

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Sharjah Dehumidifier

Vacker UAE has been supplying different models of Dehumidifiers in the UAE region for more than a decade. UAE is a region where there is a problem of high humidity throughout the year. Our team of experts perfectly understands the

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Explanation of Dehumidifier Capacity in Liters per day

When we talk about dehumidification capacity, it is often misleading. Generally for all the dehumidifiers, the capacity of the dehumidifier is selected based on its capacity. Dehumidifier capacity 32 liter per day means what? As an example we will consider

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