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Boat dehumidifiers and marine dehumidifiers are used for reducing moisture content inside boats, ships, seaside buildings etc. One of the major issues boat owners face is mould growing inside and outside the boat. And this will occur especially during the winter season. And in some Europe countries, it is always relatively damp during almost all the time during the year so this is becoming a major issue for the boat owners.

For mould growing the relative humidity has to be greater than 68% in a damp condition and also iron will oxidant with humidity above 50% and steel will oxidant with humidity above 80%, thus engines and tools become no use because of the moist air. And for an example in UK humidity level is no less than 80% during the year and in that case, there is an urgent requirement of solving the issue.

How to reduce humidity in Marine areas, Ships,  boats, river side and seaside?

humidity remove in boatsDampness creates in the boat because of the high level of moisture. And to avoid that we have to create a lower level of moisture in the boat but it will be a difficult thing and will not be practical especially during the winter season in a wet climate. And to prevent mould growth and damp in boat another option is you can refresh the air inside the boat by opening the windows or using fans and allowing fresh air to come inside but if there are people inside the boat those people will get cold and will be chilled because of the cold climate. Besides you can heat the air inside the boat then it will gradually reduce the level of humidity but if its summer season and it will be unpleasant to the people inside the boat and if it is during the winter season it will be a challenging thing to do.  And the practical option you have to prevent damp is using a boat dehumidifier during all the seasons of the year. And from that you can keep the cabin area fresh and dry much faster especially the sails, clothing and seating areas so they feel warmer & smell fresher.

How to choose the matching dehumidifier for your boat?

Marine DehumidifierWhen choosing a dehumidifier there are several major components you have to check. One is the number of water liters extracting from air per day, and also how much space area you want to keep lower humidity level and dry atmosphere, and would you prefer to choose compressor dehumidifier or desiccant dehumidifier. So based on these major criteria you can choose a suitable model with match with your requirement. Check our Dehumidifier Capacity Calculation to understand which dehumidifier suits your needs.

Desiccant dehumidifiers come in smaller, lighter size and less noise compared to compressor models plus it will be good for portable usage also.  If the dehumidifier is not for the regular usage it will be continuously drain-off and automatically restart.  This allows the device to pipe the extracted moisture somewhere other than the internal reservoir, and to restart automatically in the case of power faultier. For a warm and comfortable environment, a desiccant dehumidifier is the best choice. And this is the modern device which most people are using.

boat-moisture-humdity-removing-device-dehumidifierCompressor humidifiers operate in the air which is inside the dehumidifier supposed to be cooler compared to outside environment so if the outside environment air is more cooler the device has to work more energetic to keep the inside air much more cooler so the best use for compressor dehumidifier is the warmer environment.  So in a warm environment, the compressor dehumidifier is cheaper and easy to run. And this would be a traditional form which people use.

You can go for a basic boat dehumidifier or a sophisticated model of boat dehumidifier. And if you prefer a desiccant model or compressor model it won’t be an issue because we are ready to provide what you ask for. And in case if you have any other requirements, want to seek expert advice or having issues you can reveal to us because our VackerGlobal sales team is always ready to help you. Only what you have to do is just drop an enquiry to VackerGlobal sales team and we will get back to you with customised options and matching products with a competitive price range for your requirement.

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