Acid leak detection

Acid Leak Detection: Is Your Facility Well-Equipped?

Any technical work environments namely transmission systems at banks and other business places, data centers(read about our Data Centers for Dehumidifiers), semiconductor factories, air traffic control rooms, etc. strive for a 24×7×365 zero-defect protection plan against any type of acid leakages. An unnoticed leakage may leave deleterious consequences. In view of these unforeseen events, an efficient protection programme is required throughout the facility that routinely examines the jeopardies of those acids and the related safety equipment and other procedure. Sometimes, they may also require a thorough evaluation of the acid leakage detection systems to ensure their perfect functioning. All this will be considerably effective to mitigate such perils.

What Can We at Vacker Do For You?

To achieve your goal of a hundred percent safety throughout your facility, Vacker has a variety of acid leak detection systems designed to match your necessities. With years of extensive practical experience, Vacker offers you the latest innovative technology as well as the high-quality leakage detection products to protect your assets from any unforeseen events caused by possible leakages.

Most of our leak detection systems contain a digital unit and a set of sense cords/cables. Those sense cords are installed beneath the mounted floors. They are capable to safeguard the most significant areas and interact with the panel through a digital interface. If a leak happens on any sense cable, the digital panel instantly initiates an alarm and also reveals the spot of the leak via an interactive graph suggesting a quick response. All this reduces the operational downtime at the facility. Vacker takes pride in saying that our detectors are successfully safeguarding a huge number of semiconductor manufacturing sites, clean rooms, and other facilities.

Technical Features of our Acid Leak Detection Systems


  1. Capable of a reliable and early discovery of leakages with its exact locationsOur systems have unprecedented fabrications of reusable cables that help you prevent any false alarms. They can detect multiple concurrent leakages in a quick time. No single leakage can escape from the watchful eyes of these detectors.
  2. Energy-efficientThese systems consume a low amount of electricity resulting in a sharp reduction in expenses and overall maintenance costs. No complicated design and difficult installation.
  3. Most flexible solutionsReadily available and ideal for all small, medium and large-scale monitoring suitable for clean rooms, data centers, oil and gas industries, and other sensitive settings.

Usage & Applications

We at Vacker, strive to provide you with a broad range of quality products for acid leak detection. Our leak detection systems are being adopted in various facilities. Examples include UPS compartments, data centers, labs, and all other government and industrial facilities. Valves, manifolds, pipes that are fitted overhead or are vertical, and several other attachments where acids like nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. could leak are other examples. However, there are many other applications of these systems, too.

Maximum industries tend to focus on using the most advanced acid leak detection systems to sustain the higher level of safety measures. The demand for acid leak detectors is gradually increasing. This is because these detectors are cost -efficient as well as capable to ensure utmost safety in a perilous work environment.

Specifications of Acid leak detector model VAC-LD-031

Detecting Method Infrared Photo-reflector
Detecting Output Transistor Output A type: normal Open B type: Normal Close 50mA MAX
Detecting Speed 0.5 to 1Sec.
Power Supply 12V and 24V
Consumption Current Under 30mA
Indicator LED indicators
Ambient temperature -10 to 60℃
Weight Approx. 30g
Materia Polypropylene
Cable 2Core Shield PVC Cable
Cable Color Red:Power Supply
Shield:GND Common
Summary measure(size) Sensor diameter φ24 Height 17.2mm

We can design custom solutions for real time monitoring of acid leak and generate phone call alerts to the operators.

Our Services

Vacker offers the world-class engineering practices for leak detection. That will be the best way to address all leakage issues. We have been helping numerous professionals and facilities answer all questions regarding leakage issues, for instance, what are the appropriate set points for an acid detection sensor(read about sensors) or what actions should they take at different set points, etc. Our answers discover the overall improvement areas of a project. They also identify whether a life safety tool or an emergency alarm is required. You just give us a call and let’s work alongside you to create the best ever solutions to all your acid leakage problems. Vacker is fully determined and committed to supply a hundred percent reliable and satisfactory products and services to our each and every client.
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