Thermocouples are used for temperature monitoring in the space industry but let us show you how to put Thermocouples for use on earth

Thermocouple supplier Dubai Abu Dhabi UAEA thermocouple is a type of sensor used to measure temperature. A Thermocouple is a welded joint of two dissimilar metals known as bimetallic welded joint.

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Thermocouple Data Logger

How does a Thermocouple Operate?

The operational principle is that a temperature difference between two dissimilar metals produces a small voltage and this voltage will be proportional to the temperature at the joint. This is known as Seebeck effect. By measuring this voltage, the corresponding temperature can be measured. By measuring this voltage, the temperature can be manually calculated or can be directly displayed using electronic display instruments as commonly done. Unlike other sensors, a thermocouple sensor does not require any external power.

Thermocouple elements are used in all industrial and commercial applications where temperature needs to be measured.

Categories of Thermocouple

Different thermocouple sensors are known by their type numbers such as Type J, K, N, T etc. which are used for different applications, different temperature ranges etc. Brief technical details are listed here:

  • K Type Thermocouple (Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Alumel)
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K Type thermocouple is the most common type of thermocouple with a wide range of measurement from -200 to 1350°C. The main reason for the popularity of K type thermocouple is that it gives fair accuracy across a wide range of temperature measurement. Also, it is relatively cheap compared to many other types mentioned here. Thermocouples elements have a usage life and will require regular replacements. The easy availability and economic price makes it convenient. The accuracy of a regular K type thermocouple is ± 0.75%, and special models are available with accuracy of upto ± 0.4%. Nickel Chromium is the normal type K Thermocouple, whereas Nickel Alumel is the special type with better accuracy.

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– Measurement Temperature Range of a K type Thermocouple is form -200 to 1300°C and it gives good accuracy across the entire range
– Measurement Temperature Range of K type Extension Wire with best possible accuracy is 0 to 200°C
  • Type J Thermocouple (Iron/Constantan)

This also can be used in a wide range of temperature, however has a shorter life at high temperatures.

– Temperature Range of J type Thermocouple: -210 to 760°C
K-type-the Thermocouple Dubai Vacker Global

K-Type Thermocouple

– Temperature Range of J type Extension wire : 0 to 200°C
  • Type T Thermocouple (Copper/Constantan)

This type is especially for sub-zero applications where it produces best results.

– Temperature range of Type T Thermocouple :-270 to 370°C
– Temperature range of Type T Extension wire :0 to 200°C
  • Type E Thermocouple (Nickel-Chromium/Constantan)

The Type E is more accurate in the middle range of temperature

– Temperature range of Type E Thermocouple : -270 to 870°C
– Temperature range of Type E Extension wire : 0 to 200°C
  • Type N Thermocouple (Nicrosil / Nisil)
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Thermocouple Sensors

The Type N is having similar characteristics of Type K, but with better stability

– Most efficient Temperature Range of Type N Thermocouple : -270 to 392°C
– Temperature Range of Type N Extension wire :0 to 200°C
  • Type S, R, & B Thermocouples (NOBLE METAL THERMOCOUPLES)

These are known as Noble Metal Thermocouples and are expensive. These are especially suitable for very high temperature applications

– Most efficient Temperature Range of Type Noble metal Thermocouple : 600 to 1300°C
  • Type S Thermocouple (Platinum Rhodium – 10% / Platinum)

This type is used when stable results are required over very wide range of temperature with equally accurate results

– Temperature Range of Type S Thermocouple -50 to 1480°C
– Temperature Range of Type S Extension wire : 0 to 200°C

Types of Thermocouple Elements

Various types of thermocouple elements being supplied by us are:

  • General Purpose Thermocouple
  • Bayonet Mount Thermocouples
  • Thermocouples With Plug
  • Thermocouple With Connection Head
  • Thermocouple with pipe fittings
  • Armored Thermocouple
  • Handheld Thermocouple
  • High-Temperature Thermocouple
  • Surface Mount Thermocouple
  • Transition Joint Thermocouple
  • Bare Lead Thermocouple
  • Over braided Thermocouple
  • Multi-Point Thermocouple
  • Autoclave Thermocouple
  • Magnet Mount Thermocouple
  • Replacement Thermocouple
  • Spring Loaded Thermocouple
  • Bearing Thermocouple Sensor
  • Tube Skin/Weld Pad Thermocouple
  • Penetration Thermocouple
  • Screw In Thermocouple
  • Thermocouple wires
  • Thermocouple extension cable
  • Thermocouple compensating cable

Apart from various standard types of thermocouples, we also supply various custom made elements for numerous types of industrial and commercial applications.

VackerUAE is one of the leading suppliers of sensors and automation products. The company services and products are available in all the major cities of UAE that includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and many more. Thermistor is one of our products that has been in very high demand due to the reliability of the device compared to other companies. We have a wide range of thermistors that will ensure our customers can get all types of products they are looking for. The products are available in the most competitive price in the market with the warranty of our company.


Unlike other resistors, thermistor is a unique resistor in which the resistance varies with the variation in temperature and hence the name. Thermistors have a wide range of applications and are used in many systems. They are widely used in temperature sensors as well as inrush current limiter. They are also used in automated heating elements and overcurrent protectors. The thermistors can be categorized mainly in two divisions as described below:

  1. PTC-thermistor-vackerglobal-thermocouple

    PTC Thermistor


    The extended form of PTC is positive temperature coefficient. As the name suggests in this type of thermistor shows increase in resistance with the increase in temperature. These thermistors can be used as a resettable fuse in an electric system. They help to control the danger that occurs from overcurrent conditions.

  2. NTC


    NTC Thermistor

    It is just the opposite of PTC thermistors as in this type of thermistors show increased resistance with the decrease in temperature. They help to control the danger that occurs from overvoltage conditions. These thermistors are used as current sink in electric system.

Generally, people get thermistors confused with resistance temperature detectors. But RTDs and thermistors are manufactured with completely different materials. Pure metals are used for the manufacturing of RTDs. While materials like ceramic or polymer are used in manufacturing thermistors. RTDs are used when the temperature is relatively higher. But the temperature ranges for thermistors are limited between -90 degree Celsius to 130 degree Celsius.

Why choose thermistors by VackerUAE?

Below listed are few of the several advantages of Thermistors provided by VackerUAE:

  • One of the main advantages of thermistors by VackerUAE is that they are more sensitive and precise than their other counterparts.
  • The range in which these thermistors can be used is also relatively higher.
  • Our thermistors are so reliable that they have been used in many industries as well as medical applications.
  • Our thermistors are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Beads, disc, chips, etc. are some of the shapes that our thermistors can be found.
  • Our thermistors have been highly effective in providing mechanical stability as well as mechanical stability in a system.
  • You can completely eliminate four-wire bridge circuits with our thermistors.
  • The performance of our thermistors with the most competitive market price makes our thermistors the number one choice of the customers.

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