Humidity Data Logger

temperature-and-humidity-data-loggerThe humidity data logger is often a combined instrument along with a temperature data logger. It measures the amount of water vapor in the air and maintains a record of the same for later analysis. The reading is measured in Relative humidity as a percentage. Certain instruments can also measure absolute humidity in terms of grams per cubic meter. Just as temperature variations can affect quality and safety of manufacturing processes, uncontrolled humidity levels too can create numerous problems and issues. This is why most customers buying a temperature data logger prefer a device that can simultaneously function as a humidity data logger as well.
There are different types of humidity data logger devices available in the market. Some of them include:

  1. Standalone Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

    This data logger device is a portable standalone device with its own internal power source. The customer can simply place this data logger in a room for continuous recording. temperature-humidity-data-logger-vackerglobal

  2. Humidity data logger type MX-HS-S-16-L

    This is a very small standalone Temperature & Humidity Datalogger with a memory capacity of 16ooo readings. It can record 8000 readings of temperature and  8000 readings of Humidity.e customer can program data recording interval. eg. If data recording interval is 5 minutes, 8000 readings will last for 27 days.

    Different memory capacity available in this series is 32000, 64000 and 128000 readings. The data transfer is through a USB cable. There are 4 LED alert indicators on the top side of this data logger. If the data exceeds the programmed upper and lower limits, these LEDs will start blinking. The software for programming and downloading the data is freely downloadable.

    The device operates through a coin cell. The battery lasts up to one year depending on the type of usage. The customer can easily replace the battery without any assistance from the supplier.  This is a very cost effective data logger for all standard applications.

  3. temperature-and-humidity-data-logger-side-viewPanel-Mounted Humidity Data Logger

    This device can be used to set up a comprehensive safety control unit that indicates a wide of internal data related to numerous parameters like temperature and humidity at a single glance. Such humidity data logger devices come with different types of sensors with varying sensitivity parameters. You just need to choose the device that suits your requirements best.

  4. Multi-Functional Humidity Data Logger

    Measuring multiple parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, particulate matter levels etc. is possible in a single device. It can simplify the process of monitoring important data within a clean room environment or within a manufacturing plant where production must be done under controlled conditions.

    Temperature Humidity logger sample graph

    Temperature Humidity logger summary

    With the world moving towards the Internet of Things, which  refers to an automatic transmission of data between machines, the humidity data logger in a room or manufacturing plant may automatically transmit data to the internal climate control mechanism. This means the humidity data logger will automatically provide data for adjustment of temperature and humidity controls in the room for a comfortable and functional internal environment at all times.

A rugged humidity data logger designed to operate in harsh and unforgiving conditions can help scientists collect useful and reliable data about the climate of a city or region for more accurate calculations and conclusions.