Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Logger

Experts in the field of ventilation, heating and air conditioning, as well as architects and industry engineers, need an automatic recording device to measure the long-term indoor air and ventilation quality. The best option for a multi-functional device is the BZ30 CO₂ Data Logger.

Temperature Humidity-and CO2 Data Logger

Temperature Humidity-and CO2 Data Logger

This is a recorder as a combination of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Data Logger. The BZ30 is an upgraded version on the BZ25, providing all the resources the BZ25 did. BZ 30 comes equipped with more memory. The BZ30 can measure at intervals from as long as 12 hours, to as short as 1 second. It can store 50,000 different values of carbon dioxide concentrations, air temperature, and humidity values. All data provided can be logged for extended use.

The provided software can log and analyze the data after transferring it to a PC through a USB connection. This allows for easy transfer and storage of data.

The BZ30 can be set up using the standard accessories being supplied by us. The onboard NiMH battery allows for mobile applications.

Landlords and property managers can continuously keep updated about the past and current ventilation trends in their buildings. They can always review the concurrent recording of humidity, temperature, and CO₂ concentrations.

Features of Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Data Logger

  1. The NDIR measurement of Carbon Dioxide gives an accurate and permanently stable measurement in the room air.
  2. A single screen indicating readings of CO₂ values, room temperature, humidity, date and time.
  3. Indication facility for Minimum and maximum values for CO₂, air temperature and humidity.
  4. There is an alarm function for Carbon dioxide function with audible alarm signal for programmable limits.

    Temperature Humidity and CO2 Data Logger application

    Temperature Humidity and CO2 Data Logger application

  5. Large display with backlit for easy viewing from a distance.
  6. Independent long-term recording is possible for carbon dioxide concentration, room temperature and humidity.
  7. IT has a memory capacity to store 50,000 measured values.
  8. The sampling and saving interval can be easily programmed from 1 second to 12 hours.
  9. USB interface for easy transfer of recorded data.
  10. The data logger can be mounted on a table, wall or can be used as a portable device.
  11. PC analysis software is supplied along with the device.

Technical specifications of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Logger model BZ30

  1. Air temperature Measuring is through NTC.
  2. Temperature Measuring range is -5 to 50°C.

    Temperature Humidity and CO2 Data Logger BZ30

    Temperature Humidity and CO2 Data Logger BZ30

  3. Temperature Accuracy is ± 1 °C.
  4. Temperature Display resolution is 0.1 °C.
  5. Relative humidity Measuring range is 0.1 to 99.9 %RH.
  6. Humidity measuring Accuracy is 5%.
  7. Humidity Display resolution 0.1%.
  8. CO2 concentration measuring principle is NDIR.
  9. CO2 Measuring range is 0 – 9.999 ppm.
  10. CO2 measuring Accuracy is ±75 ppm / ±5 %.
  11. CO2 Display resolution is 1 ppm.

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