Multi function recorders & data loggers by Graphtec

Graphtec, Japan manufactures a wide variety of advanced multipurpose data loggers which can take inputs from up to 200 channels. The data loggers come with large LCD displays capable of displaying graphs of the input terminals. Vacker Dubai is the authorized distributor for all instrumentation products manufactured by Graphtec, Japan.

We can make different combinations of data loggers such as 4 channel, 8 channel, 10 channel, 16 channel, 32 channel, 40 channel, 100 channel, 200 channel etc.Graphtec-200 Channel Data Logger-GL820 VackerGlobal

Multichannel data loggers by Graphtec, Japan

Major data loggers by Graphtec in the range of their instrumentation are below. They can take multiple digital and analog inputs.

Petit Logger SKU GR-04203

Petit Loggers are WiFi based data loggers with options for taking inputs from multiple types of sensors.These are especially for warehouse monitoring, cold room monitoring, refrigerator monitoring etc. Features and specification of this data loggers are as below:

  1. It can measure Temperature, Humidity, Acceleration, Carbon dioxide (CO2), light, Ultraviolet, AC current and Voltage.
  2. Data transfer is possible either through USB or LAN connection.
  3. It has a micro SD card which stores data locally.

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Midi Logger SKU GR-04202

We can supply this model in two versions viz. either 4 channels or 8 channels. This model 8 channel data logger with wide LCD display. IGraphtec 10 Channel Data Logger GL220 VackerGlobalt has a 14.47 centimetre LCD display. Features of multichannel data logger GR 04202 are as below:

  1. It can measure and record voltage, pulse, temperature, humidity and logic.
  2. The user can transfer the data using USB memory sticks.
  3. We can also use the same as an X-Y recorder.
  4. Remote monitoring is possible through Ethernet connection and data transfer through ftp.
  5. It is possible to write the data directly to an excel file.

Midi Multipurpose Logger SKU GR-04201

This multi-channel data logger can take inputs from up to 200 channels. We can add a modular type of expansion units for taking inputs from up to 200 channels.Features of this multi-channel data loggers are as below.

  1. The standard device can take inputs from 20 channels. Hence the basic device is a 20 channel data logger.
  2. Each additional module has 20 channels. We can add up to a total capacity of 200 channels. Thus it becomes a 200 channel data logger.
  3. The additional modules can be extended up to a maximum of 20 meters from the base unit using our cables.
  4. It can measure and record Temperature, humidity, Carbon dioxide, light, Ultraviolet, Voltage, Thermistor and AC current.
  5. It operates on a rechargeable battery. Also, it is possible to connect to a direct power supply through the adaptor. (Battery is an optional supply.)
  6. It has a built-in 4 GB memory capacity.
  7. Wireless (WiFi) data transfer is possible as an option (This also is based on the regulations of the country of the customer)

Midi LoGraphtec 8 channel data logger VackerGlobalgger SKU GR-04200

This is a 10 channel data logger with a high sampling rate of 10 ms for few channels. Fea of the features of this multi-channel recorder are as below.

  1. It can measure and record voltage, pulse, temperature, humidity and logic.
  2. Wireless (WiFi) data transfer is possible as an option (This also is based on the regulations of the country of the customer)
  3. For voltage measurement, it provides a sampling interval of up to 10 milliseconds.
  4. For temperature measurement, it is possible to have a sampling interval up to 100 milliseconds.
  5. It can take inputs from all types of Thermocouples. Hence we also call it as a thermocouple data logger.


Vacker Dubai supplies all types of Multichannel, multi-function, multi-purpose data loggers in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

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In the Middle East, we serve the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
In Africa, we serve countries including Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Djibouti, Chad, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Angola, South Africa, etc.

Also, we supply Midi Logger SKU GR-04202, Midi Multipurpose Logger SKU GR-04201, Midi LoGraphtec 8 channel data logger VackerGlobalgger SKU GR-04200 to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Srilanka, Maldives and Cyprus.