Dehumidifier for Egg Storage

Storage of eggs is an important part in a hatchery before the incubation period. The situation is very critical and the egg storage needs to be done very carefully to minimize the damage in eggs. Generally the storage time period for the eggs in a hatchery is about 0-20 days but can vary according to the requirement and place.

Improper storage of the eggs can hamper the hatchability of the eggs as well as the chick quality. Proper eggs storage helps to stop the incubation of eggs before the process is initiated. Without the proper storage environment the mortality of the egg embryo is very high. Hence the most important factors to be considered during storage are temperature and humidity.

During the storage of eggs it is very important to gain physiological zero. The physiological zero is the point of temperature where the development of embryo completely stops. Various temperatures have been claimed to be physiological zero by various scholars. But the temperature of around 21 degree Celsius is enough to hold back the development of embryo in an egg.

The temperature at which the eggs need to be stored can also vary along with the days of storage. But it is a known fact that the cooler the storage room the longer egg can be stored. Temperature exceeding 21 degree Celsius is not advisable as the temperature can cause damage to the eggs.

Humidity is also an important part during the storage of eggs. Depending upon the days of the eggs to be stored the humidity to be maintained varies around 75% to 80%. Higher humidity or lower humidity can damage the eggs. In case of high humidity dehumidifiers can be used to decrease the humidity level. The dehumidifiers need routine check and maintenance. Higher humidity in the storage area can result in the wetting of eggs, which will in turn create ideal environment for the development of eggs.

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