Explanation of Dehumidifier Capacity in Liters per day

When we talk about dehumidification capacity, it is often misleading. Generally for all the dehumidifiers, the capacity of the dehumidifier is selected based on its capacity.

Dehumidifier capacity 32 liter per day means what?



As an example we will consider a dehumidifier having capacity of 32 liter per day. As you might know dehumidification is the removal of moisture content form air. If we collect the moisture from the air, it is converted into water and is measured in liters.

In this context, you also need to understand the measurement of humidity. The unit of measurement of humidity is % RH. You can measure the present humidity using a Hygrometer. If you keep the hygrometer in you room or warehouse, it will show the reading in %RH. We will assume that it shows a value of 75%.

If you are keeping medicines in a warehouse, you need to maintain a humidity of 65% or below. Depending on the product being stored, this may vary.

For your office or home also you need to maintain a range below 65%. Value above 65% is uncomfortable for the occupants. So in our example we need to bring down the humidity from 75% to 65%. As this is expressed in percentage, you do not understand the exact volume of water to be removed from the air to achieve 65%. The calculation for same is explained below.



Let us assume that based on this calculation, we get a value that the reduction from 75% to 65% for the particular area is equivalent to 30 liter per day. This means that 30 liters of water has to be removed from the air per day to reduce the humidity from 75% to 65% and maintain the same continuously.

Now you have to go to the selection chart of the manufacturer and select a suitable model which has a capacity of 30 liter per day or slightly higher eg. 32 liter per day. Eg. Our commercial dehumidifier model TTK 125S is having a capacity of 32 liter per day.

Important note:

Please note that the capacity is related to the room temperature. Hence never select a dehumidifier having maximum capacity of 32 liter per day. The dehumidification capacity of a dehumidifier will be different at different temperatures. Eg. If your room is at 35°C, you have to select a dehumidifier having a capacity of 32 liter per day at 35°C.

How to calculate the capacity in liters per day?



In order to calculate the required capacity, you need to collect the following details:

  1. Size of the room (Length, Width & Height)
  2. Present temperature of the room (Hygrometer can give you both temperature & humidity values)
  3. Present humidity of the room
  4. Required humidity of the room

You can use our free Dehumidification Calculation Tool to find out the required capacity.

Based on the results achieved, you can select a suitable model from the Dehumidifier Selection Chart. (We have various other models and should you require any additional details, please Contact Us.)

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