Cold Storage Rooms on Lease & Own basis at your premises including maintenance

Why you have to worry about the capital cost & maintenance cost of having your own cold rooms? We undertake the complete responsibility and you pay on monthly instalments. We also offer complete maintenance with preventive and corrective maintenance. We have monitoring systems which will tell us before a fault happens. So you have absolute peace of mind. We can offer our Vac-Kool Economic walk-in cold rooms, conventional cold storage rooms and walk-in Freezers.

Low-Cost Cold Storage rooms on a Lease basis with maintenance; You pay in monthly instalments

If you are operating any segment which requires the storage of a temperature-sensitiveLow-Cost-food-meat-flower-cold-storage-rooms product, you will require a cold storage room. These are normally walk-in cold storage rooms. If you have a space of your own, we design a walk-in cold room or walk-in freezer to suit your requirements. We have some standard-sized which will be slightly economical compared to custom sizes. However, the option is completely yours. We will design and construct it exactly to meet your requirements.

However, you do not have to invest the whole capital as you normally do. We offer different packages based on your eligibilities. We undertake complete responsibility to maintain the cold storage rooms during the lease period. The lease period is generally 3 to 5 years. Upon completion of the lease period, the cold room will be completely yours. If you wish, you can continue the maintenance package along with all optional services.

  1. Our Cold stores are energy efficient. You save up to 40% on ElectricityLow-Cost-medicine-cold-store-with-humidity-control

    Please read more on our energy-efficient Vac-Kool cold storage rooms.

    These are low maintenance and operate on single-phase electricity. These operate on models similar to split type AC units. It saves up to 40% electricity based on the size of the room, load in the room etc. Also, see our data analysis explained further in this document. Based on the data analysis, we will be able to offer further recommendations to save energy cost.

  2. We include Temperature monitoring system with phone call alerts

    If you are storing critical items such as medicines or food, we provide a calibrated temperature monitoring and recording system. It also has a Phone call and SMS alert system. If the temperature goes beyond the permitted levels, the operators will receive a phone call alert. At least one of your operators and one of our operators will receive the alert. We offer a wide variety of Temperature recording, monitoring and alert systems for all kind of applications.Low-Cost-pharma-cold-storage-rooms-Middle-East-and-Africa

    We will depute our technician to check if it has occurred due to any fault in the cooling system. If the temperature escalation is due to factors such as an open door, we do not need to depute our technician.

  3. Our sensors will alert us before something goes wrong. We offer foolproof, zero downtime operation for you.

    We will incorporate various sensors such as temperature inside the room, the temperature of critical components of the cooling units, the humidity of the cold room, door open and close condition, power failure etc. Hence we will be able to monitor the health of the cooling units much before it goes wrong.

  4. If you need humidity control, we incorporate it as an optional system

    Many products such as medicines, vaccines, fruits, vegetables etc. require humidity control. High or low humidity damages those products. We offer complete humidity control using dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Based on the size of the room and other parameters, we need to calculate the size of the dehumidifiers. We have our own free software for calculation of dehumidifier sizing. We undertake complete responsibility for keeping the exact humidity levels required by you.Cold-storage-supplier-UAE-KSA-Oman-Qatar-Kuwait-Bahrain

  5. We offer Data Analysis giving you recommendations on increasing efficiency of your operations.

    Our sensors collect continuous data on various operational aspects. We will be able to analyze all these data to give you various recommendations. Few examples are:

    1. Ideal door opening frequency to save energy.
    2. Optimum space utilization for saving energy.
    3. Duration to cool down your products to check on effects on them.
    4. Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) of the stored products.
  6. Yearly calibration of sensors, monitoring system etc.

    We undertake calibration of sensors of the cooling units, temperature recording system etc. from accredited laboratories. You might require this as part of your regulatory requirements as well as your internal policy. This is essential for all cold stores storing food, medicines, vaccines etc.

  7. Walk-in Cold rooms with Temperature mapping study and Qualification Study

    All cold storage rooms and walk-in freezers for medicines and vaccines require temperature mapping study and temperature qualification or temperature validation. We carry out through our separate division for the same. Hence you will receive a completely tested cold room or freezer room. And all calibration and maintenance are under our responsibility.Solar-cold-storage-rooms-for-fruits-vegetables

Major applications of our Vac-Kool cold storage rooms

Few of the major applications of our Energy-efficient cold rooms are below:

  1. Pharma cold storage with humidity control, mapping study and Temperature recording system

    walk-in cold rooms for pharma storage requires Temperature and humidity control. Also, they require temperature and humidity monitoring and alert systems. They require temperature & humidity mapping study to ensure that these parameters are always within range.

  2. Food cold stores with humidity control and Temperature recording system

    Many food items require humidity control, with maximum humidity and minimum humidity levels. They will require an alert system so that in case of an escalation, people can take care well in advance.

  3. Greenhouse cold rooms for indoor farming with humidity control, Artificial LED plant lighting, Drip irrigation & Temperature recording system

    Greenhouses and indoor farming might require a temperature below 18 deg C. You cannot achieve this using normal AC units. You can use our Vac-Kool cold storage rooms for this purpose.

  4. Cold storages for storage of meat, fish etc. with humidity control and Temperature recording system

    Meat storage requires humidity control so that they do not become hard. We can provide cold rooms with precise humidity control.

  5. Cold rooms for storage of sweets, chocolates etc. with humidity control and Temperature recording system

    Low or high humidity affects the quality of sweets. Hence we provide humidity control for such cold storage rooms.

We provide our various products and services across the world. Our Middle East office takes care of the entire Middle East and African countries.

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