HEPA Air purifier, HEPA Air cleaner

The room air cleaner and room air purifier with HEPA filter are provided with a high-performance F7 prefilter and H1PA filter. They filter particles of size ranging from 0.1 to 0.2 μm. The H14 HEPA filter effectively filters 99,995 particles out of 100,000 Air-purifier-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE-Saudimicroparticles. This is possible with an automatic thermal self-regeneration function. The HEPA Air purifier has a dimension of  690 x 610 x 1300 mm with 78 kg weight. The HEPA Air purifier has a 4-meter cable. It is easily mobile and has a constant purification advantage. A high contrast touch display is provided with the device with shock protection.

Applications of Room air purifier, Model no. : VAC-AQC-12A

This HEPA purifier is useful for all indoor applications from residential to industrial applications.

  1. These are useful in all healthcare segments including Hospitals and Clinics.
  2. It is useful to control air pollution and filter viruses in public areas.
  3. This Air cleaner is useful in checkout areas, fresh food counters, promotional areas and running zones.
  4. You can use them to control and reduce the probability of sickness.
  5. Air purification in supermarkets, DIY stores and shops are possible with this machine.
  6. The HEPA filter can remove the airborne germs, viruses and dust.
  7. It is used to remove bacteria, spores or microfibres from paper or textiles.
  8. You can use HEPA air cleaning in contaminated working zones to keep dust-free working conditions.Air-purifier-Dubai-Abudhabi-UAE-Qatar-Kuwait
  9. It is possible to limit airborne diseases to a certain limit using HEPA machines.
  10. It protects and prevents the malfunctioning of electronic equipment and machines from dust particle contamination.
  11. These HEPA air cleaning machines are used in effective control against the pathogens. However, these are not 100% efficient for disinfection of Coronaviruses. You can also consider UVC lights and Disinfection Robots for this purpose.
  12. These are effective for homes with allergic people.
  13. Also, these are useful in rooms of senior citizens to ensure air quality.
  14. It is used in chemist’s shop, pharmacies, shops and cafeterias.
  15. HEPA machines are useful for temporary applications including emergency camps, changing rooms, gyms, control stations and trade stands.

Features of HEPA air cleaner, Model no.VAC-AQC-12A 

  1. The device operation is simple.
  2. The device functions with the combination of filtration and decontamination technology.
  3. It has a high contrast touch display with shock protection.
  4. It has a very low maintenance period.
  5. The flap structure of the device distributes the purified air in an even manner.
  6. Flow stop shutters control the closing and opening of blowing-out towers.
  7. The F7 prefilter and H14 HEPA main filter are used for air filtration.
  8. The H14 HEPA filter effectively filters 99,995 particles out of 100,000 microparticles in the air.Comparison-of-Air-purifiers-HEPA-Machines-Air-cleaners
  9. The HEPA filter has a high heat resistant function.
  10. It has an automatic thermal self-regeneration function.
  11. The decontamination of the HEPA filter of the device takes place in regular interval of time.
  12. The HEPA Air cleaner machine produces no chemicals.
  13. It is produced with high-quality system components.
  14. The HEPA cleaning machine is capable of constant air pollution control and reduces particulate matter pollution.
  15. The device is flexible to use in various areas.
  16. The instrument filters particles of size ranging from 0.1 to 0.2 μm.
  17. The instrument is easily mobile.
  18. The high-performance device reduces cleaning costs.
  19. The air purification takes place in a decentralized way.

Specifications of Room air cleaner, Model no.VAC-AQC-12A 

  1. This HEPA Air cleaner has F7 prefilter and H14 heat resistant HEPA air filter.
  2. The size of this HEPA Air purifier is 690 x 610 x 1300 mm.
  3. The weight of the equipment is  78 kg.
  4. We have provided a cable length of 4 meters.
  5. It has CEE 7/7, H07RN-F connection plug.
  6. The maximum flow of air volume through the instrument is 2500 m³/h.
  7. The HEPA Air purifier has dust class H as per DIN EN 60335-2-69.
  8. The recommended amount of air volume through dust class H is 1600 m³/h.
  9. The device has a power input of 0.5 kW.
  10. It has a nominal current consumption of 15 A.
  11. The HEPA machine has a recommended fusing at 16A.
  12. The device operates at voltage varying from 220 to 240 V. Should you require 110V, 60Hz, please contact us.
  13. The operating frequency of the device ranges from 50 to 60 Hz.
  14. The rubber wheels and an adjustable push handle provides easy mobility.
  15. It has a filter change indication and high contrast touch display.

Product details of HEPA Air purification machine

The product details of this HEPA Air purifier for sterilization are as below:

  1. Brief Title of the device: HEPA Air purifiers with F7 prefilter and H14 HEPA main filter for hospitals, offices, classrooms, hotels etc.
  2. Brief Description of the device: HEPA Air cleaners are for removing pollutants and microparticles from the Air. These use H14 HEPA filters, which process the surrounding air. The machine is simple to operate.
  3. Brand: VackerGlobal
  4. Seller: VackerGlobal
  5. SKU Number: 1015000019
  6. Price (USD): 7980.00
  7. Price Validity: 31 December 2020

We supply these room air purifiers for air pollution control in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and other European countries. Also, we supply room air cleaners to remove pathogens, spores or microfibres from paper or textiles in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc.

Our African offices supply these room air purifiers across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.

Our Middle East offices supply these room air purifiers in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Erbil, Jordan, etc.  

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