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Electrical energy is one of the main source of energy in UAE regions. Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the distribution standard of power to another standard for proper power supply system. This is done with the help of an electronic device generally known as the frequency changer or frequency converter. Our company Vacker UAE is one of the leading company in the UAE region for the supply of frequency converter in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. Our products are known for their excellent sustainability and reliability.

Introduction to Frequency Converter

An electronic device that is capable of converting the frequency of alternating current. It also can change the voltage of the system incidentally. Traditional frequency converter was electromechanical machines which were more often termed as the motor-generator. Vacuum tubes or mercury arc rectifier use was also not uncommon in the bygone days. The arrival of solid state electronic resulted the invention of complete electronic frequency converter. In the rectifier stage direct current is produced which is later converted into alternating current of required frequency with the help of an inverter. Different medium such as Thyristors, IGBTs or IGCTs are used in the inverter. We also can use a transformer for the change in voltage. In such case we can install the transformer in output circuitry or ac input. This transformer is instrumental in providing galvanic isolation between the output and input alternating current circuits. We also can use a battery to the circuitry.

Applications of Frequency Converter

  • It converts the distribution standard of power as required by the user.
  • The speed and torque of AC motors can be controlled by the frequency converter.
  • It is also used in airline and aerospace industries. As we all know the airplanes electronic system works in power of 400 Hz but the power supply in the ground is generally of 50-60 Hz. Hence we require a frequency converter that can convert the 50-60 Hz to 400Hz to supply the power in the airplane during its period in the ground. The airplane may also consist of a converter that makes it possible for the passengers to use laptop and other electronic devices in the plane.
  • They are also a vital part of DFIGS which are generally used in the renewable energy systems so in a way it is also helping to produce and utilize clean source of energy.
  • The speed of motors of fans and pumps can easily be controlled with the help of frequency converter. Hence it also significantly contributes in conserving energy and saving huge amount of money.
  • Generally in industrial processing lines the requirement of control accuracy is an absolute necessity hence frequency converter has a significant role to play in industrial frequency lines. For large loads we can use HVDC system as a frequency converter.

Some other uses of Frequency Converter

A circuit that is capable of converting radio frequency signals of one frequency to another is also known as the frequency converter. These circuits require very low power to function. These circuits have two main parts: a local oscillator and analog multiplier.

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23 comments on “Frequency Converter
  1. Zayed says:

    Hello there,

    We’ve bought a filling and sealing machine from China and after it arrives, the catalog said must work on:
    The machine: (AC 220v50hz3phase). It works at (Power 4kw equals 5kVA)
    However, we live in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia and
    The electricity rate is (AC 380v 60hz)
    What we are looking for is a 5kVA Three Phase 220V/380V Frequency Converter to convert 60hz to 50hz in order for the machine to work properly. Some people said these converter are just for motors? Is that true? I need it to work for the whole machine. Is there a problem ?
    So please give me more information about these converter and the prices.


  2. Archie says:

    I buy a power drill 50 hertz here in dubai..can i use this in the phillipines 60 hertz electricity.220 volts

    • Ariel Villegas says:

      Where can i buy the frequency converter here in UAE. Bought a washing machine and refrigerator from UAE to Philippines with 50hz rating and in need of the converter.

      • vacker4 says:

        Hi Ariel,

        Thank-you for your interest!
        Our sales representative will get in touch with you with your requested details.

        • Melchor Sebastian says:

          I had the same case, I need a converter for the 50Hz washing machine. Please send details.

          • vacker4 says:

            We have only high capacity industrial type frequency converter. Hence we regret that we will not be able to supply a suitable converter.

  3. Alex says:


    We are looking for F, Converter,(USA, OR EU MADE) solid state,
    input voltage 380 60hz,
    output voltage 380 50hz,300kva


  4. Noel says:

    i am looking for frequecy converter from 50Hz to 60Hz 220v

    Pleas advise any distributor here in UAE

  5. Allan Refran says:

    Washing Machine 220V 50hz 2000W
    Sir I need frequency converter to my unit I bouht fr.dxb sent to phils.
    Philippines is using 220V 60hz

  6. Mohannad says:

    I moved recently to UAE from KSA and I have refrigerator and washing machine running on 220v \ 60Hz

    I am looking for 2 pcs Frequency Converter (220v) to convert 50hz to 60hz to let the machines work properly. Please send me your quotation if its available with the device properties, in addition to, your location in Dubai.

  7. Yasser Cuyag says:


    i bought a home theater but only 50hz, i need a frequency converter 50hz to 50/60hz..


  8. Niyaz says:

    I want to convert 50 hz to 60 hz.

    Iam living in dubai.I have planned to bring Air Conditioning units from saudi.

    Saudi Air conditioning unit frequency is 60 hz,but in dubai it is 50 hz.

    How i will use the unit and how i will convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz?

  9. Abie says:

    I bought a washing machine with 50htz and sent if to Philippines. Our voltage in Philippines is 220-60hz. The machine will run smoothly at first then it will suddenly stop and show an error. Which converter should i use?

  10. PERVEZ AKHTAR says:

    Sir I have one pressure pump single phase 220v 50Hz I want send Saudi Arabia this pump. As you know Saudi Arabia has 60Hz. Do you have any converter to change Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz. Kindly send me information.

  11. PERVEZ AKHTAR says:

    Could u please send me price if the converter

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