Humidification solution for printing areas

humidifier-for-printing-areas-vackerThe basic materials used in the printing processes are the ink and papers. Papers are items which are affected quite easily by the humidity level. Especially low humidity is a point of concern for all kinds of printing areas. The low humidity in the air can cause the edges of the paper to curl resulting problem in the printing processes. They also reduce the efficiency of the printing machines by causing web breaks in the printing machines. Low humidity is perfect for the development of static energy. The increase in static energy in due to dry air causes the paper to stick to each other which results in problems in stacking of the paper.

Since various problems can be caused due to low humidity a proper humidifier should be installed to prevent dry air. Vacker Global supplies wide range of humidifiers for all kinds of printing industries in the GCC countries such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

airtec-humidifier-for-printing-areas-dubai-vackerglobalOur high-quality humidifiers help to ensure optimum results in the printing processes by maintaining desired humidity level throughout the time. Our humidifiers are capable of maintaining the moisture level at around 45 percent to 55 percent which is an ideal humidity level for paper processing and printing industries. Our humidifiers help you to gain high quality finished product in the printing processes. Our humidifiers ensure dimensional stability of the paper which prevents web break in the printing machine.

Increase the reliability of the printing machine with optimum ink transfer with the help of our humidifiers. Get rid of all kinds of problems such as paper curling, shrinkage of paper, web break etc. with our energy efficient humidifiers. We provide two kinds of humidification solutions for the printing areas which are adiabatic humidification and isothermal humidification. Choose whatever humidification solution works best for you from Vacker Global. Increase your business with the increased productivity in your printing industries. By eliminating dry air in the printing areas our humidifiers will make the printing processes easier and effective.

Why choose humidifier by Vacker Global?reduce-humidity-in-printing-areas

  1. We only supply energy efficient humidifiers that help you reduce your power bills.
  2. Our humidifiers have been proven to increase the productivity and quality of the printing processes.
  3. All of our humidifiers are low maintenance that will save both your time and money.
  4. We provide our products with expert advice and free installation service.
  5. Customizable humidifier are available exclusively for the printing areas.


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