Do you know the monitoring system ranges?


Monitoring system refers to a system that is capable of observing and recoding various kind of parameters in an environment. Various kinds of parameters are temperature, air pressure, water leakage, power consumption, and many more. Monitoring systems have become an integral part of our human life as these systems help us to gain information and proceed our work accordingly. They are also the basic part of an automation system as an automation system includes monitoring and reacting. Monitoring systems involves a large area as there are various types of monitoring systems for different places.

Types of Monitoring Systems

Many companies in the world have been supplying many types of monitoring systems for different fields. The range of monitoring system is very large and the different types of monitoring systems are as follows:

  1. Cold room monitoring


    There are various types of temperature sensitive products stored in cold rooms. Some of the products include dairy products, medicines, vaccines and many more. Even a slight change in the temperature of the environment can vastly affect the quality of these products, hence Vacker UAE brings the high quality temperature monitoring system for cold rooms capable of monitoring for various time period regularly. The time period may range from some days to several years.

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  2. Carbon monoxide monitoring


    Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and is generally produced due to the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Large industries, factories, automobiles etc. are the main source of carbon monoxide. Presence of the gas in the atmosphere in a living space can harm human health in a great deal. Hence monitoring of the gas in a potential area where there is danger of the gas level increasing becomes very important. Vacker UAE supplies carbon monoxide monitoring systems for all kinds of places such as parking lots, offices, factories, warehouses etc. These monitoring systems helps to alert the user when the level of carbon monoxide reaches the danger level through various types of alarm system and create a healthy environment.

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  3. Refrigerator and freezer monitoring


    Monitoring of temperature for maintaining consistent level of temperature is very important in refrigerators and freezers. Some of our temperature monitoring systems is so much sensitive that they can monitor even the change of 0.1 degree Celsius. The monitoring system can be easily connected to the internet for remote monitoring.

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  4. Warehouse monitoring

    Various kinds of products are stored in the warehouses. According to the products various parameters need to be monitored regularly. Factors such as temperature, humidity, water leakage etc. are some of the common parameters that are monitored in a warehouse. Various kinds of alarm systems such as SMS, phonecall, email etc. can be installed in the monitoring system according to the requirement. These monitoring systems help to protect the quality of various products stored in the warehouse.

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  5. Water leakage monitoring

    Water leakage is a major problem in a water supply system. Water leakage is very hard to detect as these leakage generally can occur in place where human eyes may not reach. This can cause loss of water and damage to other properties. Water leakage monitoring system helps to effectively detect water leakage as well as spot the location of water leakage.

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  6. Water level monitoring

    Water level monitoring systems help to effectively monitor the level of water effectively. These monitoring systems are especially important in large plants where dry water tank can result in loss of property. Water level monitoring systems help to continuously monitor the level of water in a tank which helps the user to gain peace of mind and stop worrying about tanks running out of water.

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  7. Server room monitoring


    Server rooms are highly sensitive areas and various factors are monitored continuously in the server room. Temperature, humidity, air pressure, power failure, water leakage etc. are some of the parameters that require continuous monitoring. Our company supplies all kinds of server room monitoring system for data centers and server room of all types.

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  8. Room pressure monitoring

    Many places such as isolated rooms of hospitals, laboratories, clean room etc. need controlled air pressure in them. Some may require positive room pressure while some may require negative room pressure. Room pressure monitoring system helps in monitoring the required room pressure in such places.

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  9. Energy monitoring system

    Being energy efficient is important both environmentally and economically. Energy monitoring system helps to monitor the trend of energy consumption of a place. The study of these trends helps to devise a plan for saving energy in the future. it will definitely help to decrease the bills of energy consumption and ensure smarter ways of living life for the users.

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Our other monitoring system includes clean room monitoring, environment monitoring, gas monitoring, IP based monitoring, etc.

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