How to reduce mould and fungus?

Mould (mold in US English) and Fungus are formed in moist environments in home, office, apartments, villas, basements etc. This causes serious health concerns especially breathing ailments. You might have seen such mold formation on wet walls at your home. This is the worst case scenario. Even if it is not visible to this extent, you have to be aware that mold formation is happening within your house if you have a high humidity atmosphere.

Mold & Fungus formation in humid cities

fungus-on-leather-shoesMold formation happens in high humidity cities including Dubai, Abudhabi, Jeddah, Dammam, Doha, Muscat etc. Being situated on the seaside, these cities have a high humidity level in the environment. When the room is at a low temperature, it attracts humidity from outside. Thus after opening a door or window, more humidity is trapped inside your house or apartment. Some of the visible signs of mold formation are listed below:

  1. White fungus on leather shoes.
  2. Similar fungus formation on leather jackets, leather bags etc.
  3. We can see the white fungus on cloth jackets, coats etc.
  4. In the case of extreme humidity, you will see mold formation on the walls also.

Even if the environment humidity is low, you might have seen white mould on the outer walls of bathrooms. This also is a high health hazard. This happens because water seeps through the walls of the bathroom. The recommended humidity level in a living environment is 65-70% RH maximum. The higher the humidity level, fungus formation will be worse.


How to reduce mould formation and fungus inside house, apartment, office?

high-humidity-problemIn order to prevent and reduce such instances, you need to reduce the moisture content from the environment.This is achieved by using dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier processes the atmospheric air and extracts water from the air. This water is then drained out through a drain hose or by manually training the water tray. Please see more on our home and office dehumidifiers.

If you have a swimming pool in your house or villa, the moisture content from the pool will enter your rooms. Indoor swimming pools generate a huge amount of moisture. In such cases, you may also consider using a swimming pool dehumidifier.

How to select a dehumidifier for home?humidity-problems-vacker

The dehumidifier has a capacity of dehumidification. This depends on your room size, present humidity and present temperature. You need not worry about these aspects and we have three standard sizes of dehumidifiers viz. small, medium and big. We will help you select a suitable model based on your room size. However, if you want to know more about selecting a model for huge rooms, you can have a look at our humidity capacity calculation software.

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