Humidity requirement as per DHA (Dubai Health Authority) for Pharmaceutical Storage

Humidity requirement as per DHAVacker UAE provides different effective solutions to the problems related to humidity monitoring and control. As we all know humidity is a factor that can seriously affect the quality of different items during their storage as well as their transport. Hence the humidifiers and dehumidifiers supplied by our company Vacker UAE help to maintain the right level of humidity as per the specifications issued by DHA. Our services can be found in different parts of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, etc.

Humidity specification by DHA for Pharmacies

The extended form of DHA is Dubai Health Authority. It is an organization run by the Dubai Government to improve the overall health system of Dubai.

The DHA specifies that humidity in pharmacies has to be below 60%. Generally, all individual medicine manufacturers specify that their products be maintained below a humidity level of 60 or 65%. Hence DHA’s regulation is in line with the same. The pharmacy may keep a hygrometer to see the humidity reading.

dehumidifier in pharmaciesCause of high Humidity inside a pharmacy

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Generally, the humidity of the air is measured in RH which is the short form of relative humidity. Humidity can affect the quality of different products during the storage and transit of the product. Especially, the pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive to humidity. Hence pharmaceutical industries need to have a firm control over the level of humidity during the storage and transit of medicines and vaccines. This is the very reason Dubai Health Authority has set a certain standard for the storage and transit of the pharmaceutical products.

Humidity for Storage of Pharmaceutical Products

Humidity requirement as per DHADubai Health Authority has established parameters for the storage of the pharmaceutical products. And for those products where DHA feels humidity can deter the quality of the product they imply instruction such as “The product should be protected from humidity”. The products having such instruction should be stored in containers which are humidity resistant. They should not be kept in a location where the humidity exceeds 60% RH. Temperature and humidity mapping should be done across the storage area and it should show uniformity across the storage area. An unauthorized person should not be allowed in the storage room as it may alter the environmental condition of the storage area.

All these criteria and other criteria for the storage of the pharmaceutical products can be found under Good Pharmaceutical storage and distribution practices. The DHA will approve the storage room of any pharmaceutical industry only if they have maintained these criteria in their storage room. Good Pharmaceutical storage and distribution practice has helped to maintain the high standard in pharmaceutical products as well as an overall health system.

How to reduce the humidity of pharmacy to 60% to meet DHA requirement?

dehumidifier to reduce humidtyGenerally, in Dubai, the humidity is high especially in summer. As the pharmacy is cooler than the outside temperature, the humidity is attracted into the pharmacy. Hence the humidity inside the pharmacy may go up to 70 to 80%.

In order to reduce the humidity levels, you can use a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a device to reduce the humidity of air inside a room. The moisture in the air is absorbed and converted into water. This helps to maintain the humidity below 60% as specified by DHA. There are different models of a dehumidifier with varying capacity. In order to decide the right dehumidifier please give us the dimension of your pharmacy. Depending on the size of the pharmacy, different models will be required. We will assist you to select the right capacity of the dehumidifier.


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