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Vacker supplies low-cost cold storages Vac-Kool. These are up to 40% cheaper than the conventional units. Also, they are up to 50% lower in energy consumption.
We are looking for distributors in India.
If you are having a business set up in India and if you have experience in similar fields, please send an email to india@vackerglobal.com.
The distributor will be responsible for the complete supply and installation of the cold room. We will supply the electronic kits for the cooling units.

The distributor will undertake complete supply and installation of the cold rooms. The distributor has to purchase the cold room panels from any of their nearest manufacturers. There are numerous panel manufacturers across India.

Vacker already generates enquiries through online marketing. These enquiries will be transferred to Indian distributors in the nearest city. If the distributor wants to generate more online enquiries, Vacker will provide such services at additional charges. However, this is completely optional.

Vacker will provide necessary training and continuous technical support for one year. The initial investment by the distributor will be IRs. 2,20,000.00 towards one-time fee to Vacker towards the same. Any local business set up fee is not included in this amount.

Please send your enquiry to the email : india (at) vackerglobal.com

Vacker LLC
Po Box 92438
Tel: +971 42661144
Fax: +971 42661155
email: india@vackerglobal.com

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  1. Kuthbutheen says:

    I need details about cold storage business service in India am searching to get cold storage device for tamilnadu India I want to know is there any service provider from your company?

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