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Infograph of Data Loggers

Infograph of Data Logger. Vacker is supplying Data Logger all over the GCC countries. We supply from our Dubai and KSA office.
Contact us for more information about Data Logger and related query.

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Vacker LLC
Dubai office
306, RKM Building
Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 42 66 11 44
Fax: +971 42 66 11 55
Email :

One comment on “data-logger
  1. Anselm says:

    Hi Do you have a dual probe sensor for a roasting machine: Specs below:
    • Share the specifications of the thermocouple with you in order to enable you to source the part from another supplier.
    o Material: NiCr-Ni (= type K)
    o Diameter in [mm]: 3.0
    o Test point insulated against mantle
    o Length in [mm]: 30.0

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