Vacker ties up with Roambee, USA

Vacker has tied up with Roambee, USA for distribution of their products in the Middle East region.
Roambee ( is a revolutionary monitoring system, which incorporates advanced monitoring technology. It is a single platform for monitoring various parameters in warehouse, cold rooms, vehicles, trucks etc. You do not need a separate monitoring system for your fixed assets and moving assets. These are Bluetooth based wireless systems.
These are complete asset management systems which can track a moving asset such as a cargo along with its temperature, humidity etc. For moving asset management, the devices will have a SIM card.

Applications of Roambee Asset management system:

The Roambee systems are useful for numerous applications, few of which are listed below:

  1. End-to-End monitoring of each item in your warehouse, factory or while in transit.
  2. To monitor the efficient utilization of various assets in the field.
  3. Inventory auditing of various assets even while they are on the move.
  4. Monitor and prevent damage to goods even while they are In-Transit.
  5. Cold Chain Monitoring solutions across the entire journey from production, shipment, storage and distribution.
  6. Inventory Audits of various capital items across multiple warehouses, yards, work sites etc.
  7. Monitoring of supply chain assets which are constantly on the move such as pallets, bins, tubs, totes irrespective of their physical location and country.
  8. Monitor proper utilization of your warehouse, factory space, yard etc.
  9. Real-time monitoring of 3PL & Logistics operations including expected time of arrival across multiple countries and shipping modes.
  10. Monitoring in the automotive industry for various movable items across yards, storage areas etc. for returnable & reusable supply chain assets such as pallets, bins, tubs, totes etc.
  11. Monitoring Security and safety of chemicals, their temperature, light exposure etc.
  12. Monitoring and managing high-value construction equipment in the field, work site, on the road etc.
  13. Real-time monitoring of consumer goods during their shipment for security, tracking, tampering etc.
  14. Tracking and safety monitoring for electronics goods.
  15. Monitor location, operational parameters etc. for high-value medical equipment in hospitals.
  16. Monitoring location and operational parameters of heavy equipment & construction equipment for rented equipment.
  17. Monitoring of machinery and health of agriculture machinery.
  18. Monitoring variables in the farming industry.
  19. Keep tracks of shipping containers while they are on the move across countries.
  20. Monitor the location and health of high-value equipment in the manufacturing industry.
  21. Manage and track equipment and asset in the Oil & Gas, Utility sector.
  22. Monitoring temperature & tracking the location of samples, medicines etc. in Pharma & Life Sciences.
  23. End-to-end monitoring of packaged goods from warehouse to the distributor, consumer etc.
  24. Monitor and track various fixed and moving assets in Ports & Airports.

The system can monitor location, vibration, temperature, light exposure, humidity etc. Roambee is developing new capabilities to monitor more and more parameters.

The Roambee name and logo are registered trademarks of Roambee Corporation, USA.

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