This is a Robot for sterilization of rooms with UV light. Additionally, it has Hydrogen Peroxide sprinkler in atomized form. This gives much higher efficiency than a normal Robot with UV lights alone.

This Disinfection Robot is useful for Shopping malls, Commercial Buildings, Airports, Hospitals, Clinics, Conference halls, Hotels, Schools, Universities etc. The combination of UV light with the atomized sprinkler provides highly efficient sterilization for viruses including Coronavirus. It has multiple sensors to detect obstacles and move around objects. The UV lights are vertically mounted and the sprinkler is on the top. Hence both provide 360 Degree disinfection. The Robot is cylindrical in shape. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours after full charging.
It can operate in single track mode or multiple track mode based on your needs. The operating software is based on an open-source platform. Hence you can easily customize the program to suit your needs. The LCD display provides important operating parameters.
The robot is cylindrical in shape with an approximate diameter of 50 centimeters and has a height of 135 centimeters.
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