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Vacker becomes official distributor of Testo, Germany

Vacker is officially appointed as a distributor by Testo, Germany. Vacker operates in the entire Middle East and African countries supplying various products for measuring and monitoring applications. Testo, Germany is a manufacturer of hundreds of products in these categories.

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Vacker develops own Monitoring System

VackerGlobal develops their own real-time monitoring system for monitoring Temperature & Humidity. Currently, the system is capable of measuring and recording Temperature and humidity. The future plans include adding a host of other types of measurements. The system is jointly

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Abu Dhabi, UAE servers need Monitoring System

It is a known fact that many businesses that are working in Abu Dhabi rely on various IT network and infrastructure for smooth running. Any problem in the system of servers can have a huge negative impact on the businesses

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Do you know the monitoring system ranges?

Monitoring system refers to a system that is capable of observing and recoding various kind of parameters in an environment. Various kinds of parameters are temperature, air pressure, water leakage, power consumption, and many more. Monitoring systems have become an

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