Remote Monitoring and control panel for Cold Rooms

We provide the control and monitoring system for cold rooms. These are useful for customers to monitor and control remotely.

Remote Monitoring and control of cold rooms.

Cold Room monitoring systemThere are many applications where customers want to monitor a lot of conditions remotely and also carry out control of many functions. Few of the features required are as below:

  1. Monitor whether there are any human beings inside the control room. This is required to control the door status for safety purpose.
  2. Monitor whether the door is kept open for a long duration.
  3. Alarm sounders, phone call and SMS alert system for a lot of conditions such as a human trapped inside, high temperature, high humidity, door left opened for a certain duration etc.
  4. Close the door remotely using a motorised control.
  5. Estimate the load inside a cold room and convey to the operator. This is especially effective in walk-in cold rooms without racks.
  6. Open and close the door using a wireless switch mainly for forklift operators. A forklift operator can open the door as he approaches the cold room without getting down from the forklift.
  7. Adjust the temperature or humidity remotely either through sending an SMS or using a mobile application.
  8. Control the dehumidifier or humidifier to adjust the humidity remotely by sending an SMS or through a mobile application.
  9. Monitor and record the temperature inside the cold room.
  10. Monitor and record the humidity inside the cold room.
  11. Pressure build-up inside a cold room.
  12. Sensors to check fruit ripening inside the cold rooms. The sensors will be able to send you an SMS when the fruits are ripened for transportation, distribution etc.

Control panel for remote monitoring and control of a cold room

Contact us for Cold RoomThe control panel will have the following components:

  1. Motion sensors to check for human presence. This can be combined with door sensors for safety purpose.
  2. Volume measurement by programmable distance sensors. These sensors in combination with a PLC can tell you whether the cold room is 100% loaded, 60% loaded etc. approximately
  3. Door contact sensors along with programming in a PLC to check whether the doors are left open.
  4. Wireless receivers for receiving signals from a forklift. The forklift drivers will have small wireless transmitters. These are portable and you can use the same device in different forklifts.
  5. Temperature sensors and recording devices for monitoring temperature.
  6. Humidity sensors and recording devices for monitoring Humidity.
  7. Gas sensors to check the gases produced inside the cold room especially for checking the ripening condition of fruits.
  8. A PLC controller to collect all data from various sensors and analyse to take proper action.
  9. A local hooter connected to the control panel for the local alert system.
  10. A SIM card based alert system for generating a phone call or SMS alerts to multiple users.

Vacker provides all types of monitoring and alert systems including automation systems for all kind of applications.

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