Recording of door opening and temperature of medical refrigerator

Temperature and in certain cases humidity of medical refrigerators has to be recorded continuously as per requirements of HAAD (Health Authority Abudhabi) and various other local and international governing bodies in the life care segment. These are generally applicable for medical refrigerators and freezers which are used for storage of medicines, vaccines, plasma, body tissues etc.

Applications of door opening and temperature monitoring of medical refrigerators

Temperature sensor for medical refrigerator Vacker Global

Temperature sensor for Medical Refrigerator

Typical applications are for the following:

  1. Storage of Medicine between 2 to 8°C.
  2. Storage of frozen vaccines between -15 to -40°C.
  3. Storage of blood between 3 to 7 °C.
  4. Storage of plasma at -20°C.
  5. Storage of Platelets between 20 to 24°C.

Record door opening of refrigerator

The door of a refrigerator is opened numerous times a day. This will cause an increase in temperature inside the compartment and hence need to be monitored. As soon as the door is opened, the temperature and humidity increases. Hence monitoring and recording of the door critical.

Medical refrigerator temperature monitoring Vacker Global

Medical Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

Alerts generated by our system

In case the door is kept open for a duration more than 60 seconds, a local beeper will start generating sound to alert the attendant.
In case nobody attends the above beep sound and if the door remains open for more than 180 seconds from the opening time, the system can generate a phone call or SMS alert to 4 operators.
Also, we can provide custom made solution to monitor the door position through an online cloud based system.

Temperature & Humidity monitoring of medical refrigerator

We provide WiFI, LAN Wired or Zigbee based monitoring system for refrigerators. Thmedical-refrigerator-monitoring-systemese can record and monitor temperature and humidity inside the refrigerators. The device will transmit the data through a cloud based monitoring system. The user can view the data from any internet
connected device.

Facilities of monitoring system

The following are the facilities available in the monitoring system for refrigerators.

  1. WiFi or Wired models are available.
  2. The system has battery backup so that data will not be lost even if power connection is lost.
  3. The system has inbuilt memory so that data will not be lost even in case of failure of power or server connection.
Alerts generated by the monitoring systemmedical-refrigerator-temperature-recording

The following alerts can be configured in the monitoring system

  1. A phone call will be generated to 4 operators of the temperature or humidity exceeds the programmed values.
  2. Email & SMS alerts also can be generated.
  3. A local alarm or beeper can be connected which will generate an alarm if the temperature goes above limits.

Vacker, Dubai supplies various temperature and humidity monitoring system across all emirates of United Arab Emirates, Qatar,Oman,Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Also, Vacker Africa provides these solutions in African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, Cameroon, Ethiopia etc.

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