Portable Thermometer

Vacker UAE is a leading company working in the UAE region providing different engineering solutions to the day to day problems of common people. It specially puts focus on the requirements and needs of the people considering the harsh environment of the UAE region. Thermometer especially the portable thermometers provided by our company can be bought from different markets of UAE in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.


Portable Thermometer

Portable Thermometer

Thermometers are the devices that are capable of measuring temperature of a body, system or a location. Temperature is an environmental factor that can affect many aspects of human life. Thermometers are the devices that are useful in different sectors of modern life. From hospitals to industries, from research labs to kitchen thermometer has become integral equipment. Since temperature can affect the overall quality of an industrial product or food items thermometer becomes absolutely necessary for the monitoring of the temperature. Vacker UAE provides different kinds of thermometer for industrial and commercial use in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. Especially our portable thermometers are in high demand as it has multiple usage.

Portable Thermometer

There are different kinds of portable thermometers supplied by Vacker UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc., such as portable room thermometer, portable digital thermometer, portable fridge thermometer, portable infrared thermometer, portable indoor thermometer, portable outdoor thermometer, etc.

  1. Portable Infrared Thermometer

    Our company Vacker UAE supply different range of portable infrared thermometer s for industries which such as metal refining, petrochemical furnaces, power plants etc. where temperature may be from 400 to 3000 degree Celsius.

  2. Portable Digital Thermometer

    These portable digital thermometers are powered by battery and they show the temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit in their digital display. These thermometers are pretty accurate and reliable. It is very easy to use. The highest and lowest temperature is also shown in the display during the operation of the thermometer. The readings in the display can be read even in the dark. Current temperature reading in the display of the thermometer can be frozen if required.

  3. Portable Room Thermometer

    We supply different range of thermometers which may be traditional or digital thermometer. These thermometers are generally designed to measure the temperature of indoor environment. These thermometers are the excellent type of thermometer to monitor the temperature of indoor environment.

  4. Portable Outdoor Thermometer

    These thermometers are specially designed to measure the temperature of outdoor environment. It is always nice to know the temperature of the environment in which we are going out. We provide ideal models of portable thermometer for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurer and sportsman.

  5. Portable Fridge Thermometer

    These portable fridge thermometers help you to keep the fridges in your home at the right temperature all the time. The maximum and minimum temperature parameter can easily be set in the thermometers with alarm. This will help to save the food from getting spoiled and keep the drinks in desired temperature.

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16 comments on “Portable Thermometer
  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know if you have thermometers I can place in my warehouse.

    But would require a calibration to be made, as per Dubai Municipality.

    I have a warehouse for Veterinary Medicines.

    Kindly advise.


  2. Syed Azam says:

    I require a Portable Room Thermometer – Digital – 1 No.

    Please quote and let us know the point of collection.

    Kindly call om 0559020762

  3. Anusha says:

    I require a digital fridge thermometer with a probe which meets dubai health authority requirements.

    It is for a medicine fridge use.

    Please quote.

  4. Ola says:

    hi Dear ,
    I want to ask about the thermometer to be used in the basement , and required to have a history of all the readings per day and week .
    please provide the quotation of 10 thermometers

  5. Ola says:

    I am looking for digital thermometers which required to measure the ambient temperature in the underground car park (basement) ,and if the thermometer have the records history per day / week and more if possible and the data can be taken in report .
    please provide the price for 10 thermometers .

  6. HASAN says:

    I NEED thermometer 0-110 C 25 PCS PRICE TO DUBAI

  7. HASAN says:

    I NEED PRICE 25 PCS thermometer 0-110 C TO DUBAI

  8. lani rivales says:

    Hi, I’m looking for Regular thermometer 12000 units and Infra-red Thermometer 900 units. Kindly requesting for quotation and availability of the items. This is Lani, of CCI Dubai.

  9. Hoballah salim says:

    Good morning
    I am in Dubai for 3 days and I need 2 digital thermometer -20 to 100 degree

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