Air Purifier Dubai

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which expels contaminants from the air in a space to improve indoor air quality. These gadgets are regularly promoted as being valuable to sensitivity sufferers and asthmatics, and at lessening or disposing of second-hand0 tobacco smoke. We all need to breathe pure air. This is essential for a healthy living. Vacker Global’s Air Purifier Dubai division provides you a product which suits the requirement.

We typically spend a lot of time at home, where we need a dust-free room. Also at the same time, we would not want the room to be too dry. The Air Purifier Dubai does the job of keeping the room dust-free and also slightly humid so that it feels comfortable for the people staying in the room.

Air Purifier Dubai Features

You may be able to learn more about the Air Purifier Dubai by going through the below points:

  1. This unit is a combination of an air cleaner and a humidifier
  2. There is a digital display on the machine to view the relative humidity
  3. It removes house hold dust and keeps the air pure
  4. There is an automatic control for the humidity through a sensor
  5. Air Purifier Dubai is featured with a night mode and is extremely quiet
  6. It also has a water level indicator
  7. When the water tank is empty, the machine will give a warning signal and will automatically switch off

The Air Purifier Dubai is in demand among variety of applications where the air in a particular place needs to be cleaned and purified. Also, we call this unit as an Air Washer which means that it washes the air and keeps the room clean.

Air Purifier Dubai Specifications

Few specifications of the Air Purifier Dubai are as follows:

  1. This unit is suitable for a room size of 63m³
  2. Maximum Humidification Performance is 400ml/h
  3. Water Tank Capacity for the device is 9 liters
  4. Maximum Air Flow Rate is 126m³/ h
  5. Weight of the item is only 6 kg
  6. Dimension (LxWxH) is 315x310x390 mm

Air Purifier Dubai is recommended to be used in a place like Dubai due to the fluctuating humidity levels in the region. Air Purifier Dubai focuses on individual customers as well as industry based customers where humidification and air purification are simultaneously required. This is the advantage of our machine as it has a blend of increasing moisture and keeping the space clean and pure.

Not only humans, but also things like furniture and few other substances like food, etc. need slight humidity. This can be provided by the Air Purifier Dubai distribution center. We mostly have these units in stock and will be able to get them delivered to your door step within the Dubai region.

Air Purifier Dubai Applications

Air Purifier Dubai can be used in different applications:

  • Homes and Offices require purification in the air
  • Labs need cleansing of the air which can be done through Air Purifier Dubai
  • Storage areas
  • Air Purifier Dubai can be used as a baby humidifier as babies normally suffer from allergy and sore throat. This will help them stay healthy without irritation
  • It is also used in rooms where they conduct yoga classes
  • These units can be used in mediation centers

Air Purifier Dubai machines are completely out of chemicals and they clean the air thoroughly and also create humidity in the room or space. These units work very silently as it has a night mode operation.

The Air Purifier Dubai division recommends customers to try the new Air Purifier introduced by Vacker Global to live a pure life in a clean environment.