Multi Room Temperature Sensor

There are many instances when the temperature (many times humidity also) to be monitored and recorded continuously. The basic principle of all of them are to place sensors in all areas and rooms as required and the data will be transmitted to a single computer or server. The data can be then seen and recorded in a single computer or over the internet as per the configuration.

Applications of multi room temperature sensors

There are numerous applications of temperature sensors few of which are explained below.

  1. Hospital rooms In a hospital, various rooms such as ICUs, operations theaters, pharmacies, blood banks, NICUs, laboratories etc.
  2. Pharmaceutical warehouses – temperature of various medicines, vaccines etc. stored in warehouses, refrigerators, cold rooms, walk in chillers, freezers etc
  3. Food processing plants
  4. Ware houses and deep freezers for storage of frozen food such as meat, fish, processed food etc.
  5. Storage areas for fruits, vegetable etc.
  6. Medicine manufacturing plants
  7. Hotels in which guest rooms have to be monitored
  8. Restaurants which have to be monitored continuously to meet HACCP regulations

Types of multi room temperature sensors and humidity sensors

The types are defined based on different technologies used as well as the types of sensors used. Few of them are brief here:

  1. Ethernet based sensors which transmit the readings through normal Ethernet network, which is commonly used for computer network
  2. Wifi based sensors which are normal WiFi network used for communication between computers, smart phones etc.
  3. Radio frequency based sensors, which use radio frequency signals for transmission of data
  4. Zigbee based sensors which use Zigbee frequency communication for transmission of data
  5. IP based sensors, which also use Ethernet protocol.

Temperature is the most commonly monitored parameter. However other common measurements such as humidity, pressure etc. can be combined into the same system using different types of sensors.

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