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Vacker UAE is one of the leading companies in UAE that supplies various products to monitor and maintain different environmental factors such as Temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. Vacker UAE supplies Gas Meter which is commonly known as Air Quality Meter for commercial as well as residential use. Our products can be found in different parts of the UAE region such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain.

Why use Gas Meter?

gas-meter-vackerWith the urbanization process increasing in UAE the level of pollutants in the air has significantly increased. The air contains different types of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. along with dust particles and other chemicals. These pollutants if found in significant amount in air, can cause different health issues to the people living in the environment. They can cause different health hazards related to lungs, eyes and skin. They also cause extreme fatigue in people. These chemicals and gases have been found to have immediate effect on health issues but it is the long term effect that is often fatal for people.

Due to these various reasons it becomes very important to monitor the quality of air in homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories, etc. Our gas meter is the perfect solution for such type of problems. Gas meters help you to analyze the quality of the air in your living space and alert you if the air quality rises above danger level. Our gas meter is not only recommended for common people but also for professionals working in clean room, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

1. Air Quality Meter Model BZ25

One of the best products supplied by Vacker UAE, Model BZ25 is specially designed to monitor the indoor air quality meter continuously for a long period of time. This model has found its use in different homes, schools as well as workplace. Along with measuring the quality of the air, this model comes with in-built capability to measure temperature as well as humidity of the air. Hence, we can call it the multi-use device. This device uses the effective and reliable NDIR measurement process to monitor the level of carbon dioxide. One of the special feature of this model is that the user themselves can define the accepted level of carbon dioxide. It consists of an LCD display that indicates the level of carbon dioxide with the help of different icons which makes the user easy to understand whether the level of gas is dangerous, acceptable or normal. This model is capable of measuring the level of the carbon dioxide gas continuously in the interval of every two seconds.

Protect yourself and people around you with the help of our gas quality meter from carbon dioxide poisoning and unexplained fatigue. With the additional features of humidity and temperature measurement this model has been the choice of many households, offices and industries.

2. Air Quality Meter with Particle Counter Model PC200

Gas MeterThis model is capable of monitoring several parameters of the air to alert the user about the quality of the air. It can measure different parameters such as dust particles in the air, process engineering cleanliness and HVAC filter efficiency.

This model comes with in-built photo and video features that is helpful for users to collect and analyze data and monitor the presence and level of air particles. The device is certified by ISO 215102-4 for its capability to monitor filter efficiency for clean rooms.

Some other features of the device are as follows:

  • Easy to read LCD display with 2.8 inch of screen.
  • Color indication system with in-built acoustic alarm system.
  • Memory capacity of 5000 readings with 8GB extendable memory feature.
  • Highly accurate and sensible device.
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