Dehumidifier for Drying clothes in Winter

Drying clothes indoors is always troublesome. If you don’t have a balcony for your apartment, you are forced to dry them indoors. Also in cities like Dubai, it is prohibited to dry clothes outside your apartments. This is a bigger problem in winter because it may take days to dry clothes.

What are the problems of drying clothes indoors?

Dehumidifier for drying clothes Vacker Global

Dehumidifier for drying clothes

You might be familiar with the following problems. These are caused by the moisture evaporated from the clothes.

  • It may take days for wet clothes to be dried.
  • It will cause dampness inside the apartment.
  • You will see moisture deposited on the nearby walls. This will damage your walls, paintings etc.
  • It will cause a smell indoors. This is caused by the moisture.

How to use dehumidifiers to dry clothes?

Dehumidifiers are used to reduce moisture content from the air. As the name indicates it reduces humidity. Humidity is the technical name for the moisture content in the air. When you hang wet clothes inside your home, the water in the clothes evaporates.

Clothes Dryer Dehumidifier Dubai

Clothes Dryer Dehumidifier

This moisture remains suspended in the air, which causes high humidity. As the surrounding air is highly moisturized, the drying process takes longer. In winter, the outside air also is cold and hence the moisture does not go out.

In order to avoid all the above problems, you can use a dehumidifier. You can simply place a dehumidifier near to the wet clothes stand. When the dehumidifier operates, it will absorb moisture from the air. So the air surrounding to the clothes stand becomes dry. This water is collected in a water tray in the dehumidifier.

As the air is dry, the clothes dry quickly. Also, the humidity of the room does not increase. This will eliminate all the problems explained in the first section.

Dehumidifier model TTK 40E for cloth drying

This is one of our most popular models supplied in Dubai, Abudhabi and other nearby Middle East countries. This model is very easy to operate. It is a small machine similar to the size of a small table fan. This can be simply placed near the clothes stand.

When the drying process is over, you can switch off the machine. During summer, if you face the problem of high humidity, you can use it to reduce humidity as well. This will be suitable for a medium sized bedroom to use as a dehumidifier.

This operates in normal 230 Volt power supply.

Vacker Dubai division supplies various dehumidifiers in Middle East countries.

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