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Vacker Group has been supplying top class data loggers for industrial use as well as other commercial and domestic use in UAE along with other GCC nations. Our data loggers are available in the most competitive price in the market with the warranty provided by the company.

Introduction to a data logger

Data loggers are devices that are capable of measuring various physical properties and keep a record of it. Data loggers are designed in such a way that they take the measurement on certain interval of time. The data recorded in the data loggers are very useful as this data can be used in the future for analysis. The analysis helps people to gain knowledge that can be used for benefits in the future.

There are various types of data loggers supplied by the company out of which some are as follows:climate-data-logger-vackergroup-dubai

  1. Climate data logger

    The data logger supplied by our company is manufactured by a well-known manufacturer in Europe, Trotec, Germany. Climate data logger is a multi-tasking device as it can record various aspects of climate that includes temperature, humidity, etc. The device is also used in silo surveillance. The data logger also not only shows the current reading but also shows average reading, maximum reading and a minimum reading of a certain period of time. The climate data loggers come with various memory capacities according to the requirements of our customers.

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  2. Humidity data logger

    temperature-humidity-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiHumidity data loggers are useful in monitoring humidity of a place but generally, these humidity data loggers come with a combined feature of recording temperature as well. This is because humidity is closely related to temperature and the humidity taken without temperature does not give a clear picture of the condition of the place. Various types of data loggers supplied by our company are as follows:

    1. Standalone temperature and humidity data logger
    2. Humidity data logger type MX-HS-S-16-L
    3. Panel mounted humidity data logger
    4. A multi-functional humidity data logger

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  3. Pressure data loggerpressure-data-logger-vackergroup-dubai

    The pressure data logger by Vacker can act as an indoor weather station for the user. The device is a multi-tasking device as it can measure the temperature of the air, humidity in the air along with air pressure. The device is available for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. The data loggers have been used in many laboratories, hospitals, operation theatres, etc.

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  4. Temperature data logger

    temperature-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiTemperature is one of the main factors that effect the environmental condition of a place. Temperature data loggers are capable of recording the temperature of the ambient environment. Temperature data loggers are very useful small devices and hence, find their applications in many fields. Temperature data loggers are used in manufacturing industries to monitor the temperature of the manufacturing environment. They are also used by the food processing industry and pharmaceutical industries. Hence, temperature data loggers are an important aspect of environmental monitoring and protection.

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  5. Temperature, humidity and CO2 data logger

    temperature-humidity-carbon-dioxide-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiThis multifunctional data logger is helpful in monitoring temperature, humidity level and carbon dioxide level of the environment. The data logger is the perfect solution for the user who is looking for monitoring carbon dioxide concentration of the room as well as temperature and humidity.

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  6. Single-use USB data logger

    single-usb-data-logger-vackergroup-dubaiSingle-use USB data loggers are for the user who is looking for a data logger just for one use. These are temporary data logger which can record data only once and are not reusable. Such data loggers are mostly used where long term data recording is not required. Such data loggers are also known as single-use USB data logger.

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  7. Light data logger

    The Lux level of the light in a place can be measured with the help of light data logger. The data logger is useful in lighting design for designers in a room. The light data logger is also used in checking the lux level of street lights, stadium lights and other public places.

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  8. Vibration data logger

    Vibration data loggers help to continuously monitor the shock and vibration in a machinery system. These data loggers help to avoid any kind of damage due to excessive vibration or shock in a system by alerting the user.

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  9. Strain gauge data logger

    Excessive strain can cause breakage of huge structures such as bridges, buildings, piles, etc. Hence it is very important to keep the amount of strain in check to protect the structural properties. Both temporary instalment and permanent instalment of the data logger is available in the market.

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  10. Wireless Bluetooth data logger

    Vacker recently tied up with Roambee, the USA for wireless Bluetooth data loggers. These data loggers work without any local network. A central receiver can collect the data through Bluetooth. This receiver then transmits data through a SIM card. It can monitor various data such as temperature, humidity, GPS location, pressure, vibration etc. Please read more on Bluetooth data loggers.


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