Cooler boxes with data logger

Medical vaccine cooler with temperature monitoring

Active Cold Box Vacker Global

Active cold box

Portable coolers are used for storage and transportation of medicines, vaccines etc. Such items need to be stored under very controlled conditions, failing which it will be spoilt. eg. There are many medicines which need to be kept between 2 to 8°C. Many sensitive medicines should not go above 8°C or below 2°C even for short duration such as 30 minutes. During transportation it has to be ensured that the temperature remains within these limits without fail. We provide following solutions for safe transportation of medicines and vaccines.

Refrigerated cooler box (Active boxes)

Cold box with USB data logger VackerGlobal

Cold box with USB data logger

Refrigerated portable cooler boxes are small portable refrigerators which can be powered either from the car or from a normal power supply in your warehouse through an adaptor. These cooler boxes have adjustable thermostat and the customer can set the desired temperature. These boxes come in various sizes such as 40 liter, 50 liter, 80 liter etc. which is the usable volume inside the box.

Temperature recording for cooler boxes with a data logger.

After the transportation the user may want to check whether the temperature inside the box has been constantly at the desired temperature levels. This can be achieved using a data logger with an external sensor.

Cold box with WiFi data logger Vacker Global

Cold box with WiFi data logger

The external sensor will be inserted into the box and the data logger will be kept outside the box, so that anyone can check the temperature at any point of time. Also the data can be downloaded to a computer at the end of the journey. The data logger has to be removed and inserted into a computer to download the data.

WiFi data logger for cooler boxes

These data loggers are capable of transmitting data to a WiFI network when it reaches the destination. So before opening the box, the user can download the data and check whether everything has been properly maintained until delivery.

Cold box with bluetooth data logger VackerGlobal

Cold box with bluetooth data logger

Bluetooth data logger for cooler boxes

For these data loggers, the communication mode is Bluetooth. The data can be seen on a mobile or on a local computer which are connected through Bluetooth. In this case also the user can download the data without removing the data logger. Also in this case if the logger is connected to the mobile of the driver, an alert in the form of email or SMS can be generated if the temperature goes above or below the thresh hold levels.

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  1. Manal says:

    How much the ice box for medical use to keep temperature between 15 till 25.
    Does the ice box has a validation certificate ?

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